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Who Is John?


My name is John and I am Michelle’s oldest child. I took my life on Mother’s Day 2014, which was always the most important day of the year for me and my mom, but that year I forgot that it was Mother’s Day. This is something that I deeply regret now. This would not have changed me taking my life but I would have done it on another day. Now Mother’s Day is very difficult for both my mom and my brother. I think it is very difficult for my entire family.

We began this blog because it is part of the pre-life plan that my mom and I agreed to before we came into these lives.  My mom was born with psychic abilities and has a better “memory” than most people. When I was conceived she “remembered” our agreement and for 27 years lived in dread. She was very protective of me and watched me constantly but this did not stop the inevitable, no matter how hard she tried.

There are many aspects to our mission but this blog is the first step. We hope to help many heal and understand their existence. – John

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