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Naturally Ethereal – This is my on-line shop consisting of home decor for the Spiritual home, natural cleaning products, natural skin care products and altar cloths.

Teal Swan – one of our favorite Spiritual teachers. She has a YouTube channel called “Teal Swan” with hundreds of videos on how self-healing and Spiritual growth. You can also check out her website which has tons of information:

Elisa and Erik Medhus – Elisa and Erik’s blog helps those in the physical realm to remember what the Spiritual life is like through Erik’s teachings, Erik answers blog members’ questions and there are interviews of famous people who have crossed over.   We highly recommend reading Elisa’s book My Son And The Afterlife and Erik’s book My Life After Death. Please subscribe to Elisa and Erik’s YouTube channeling named “Channeling Erik”.

New Heights Coaching – Life coach and energy healer, Janelle Buchheit (our cousin) is the founder of New Heights Coaching. Janelle is a Reiki practitioner both in person and distantly. Janelle is a loving and compassionate empath and intuit.

Lisa Powers – “Angels Touch by Lisa”. Lisa a beautiful and loving psychic medium with many services. She does readings in person and via telephone. Please check out her website

Bob Olson’s Afterlife TV – Bob is a very practical and down to earth Afterlife investigator. His shows and videos on YouTube are extremely interesting.

Teal Swan, “The Spiritual Catalyst” – Teal’s YouTube videos have helped me tremendously in my healing and Spiritual journey.

Ralph Smart “Infinite Waters” – Ralph is uplifting and heart warming. He speaks of practical everyday matters from a Spiritual perspective.

Bernard Alvarez – Bernard is down to earth and practical. He is a Spiritual Activist and sheds light on what is wrong in society and what to do about it in a heart centered loving manner.

Helping Parents Heal – An on-line support group for grieving parents and siblings who are open to communication from the Spirit Realm.

Bulk Apothecary – on-line store located in Aurora, Ohio, which carries essential oils, natural flavorings, herbs, soap making supplies, packaging, bottles and anything else you need to make your own homemade, natural safe cleaning products, cosmetics, soaps, toiletries, etc.

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