John and I did not write yesterday and I have not been able to do my admin work on my business over the last couple of days. Why? Because Michelle spilled pop  (this is what we call soda where I am from) on her brand new laptop.

I have it open and sitting on its side. The ceiling fan is on and I have another fan directly on the laptop. It occurred to me the dehumidifier might be helpful so I have turned that on.

Why not just use your phone? you ask. Because I am in my 50’s. My eyesight is not what it once was and my hands are no longer so limber. Writing this post is difficult enough.

So, please send healing energy to my laptop so I can get back to business!

To those of you who are knowledgeable in astrology, I have a question. Can the lunar eclipse have an effect on having accidents? As I mentioned, I took a fall down the stairs and then a few days later my very good friend calls to inform me she is in the hospital.  She had a horse riding accident, needed an operation and will be laid up for three months. The very same day she called me I spilled pop on my laptop. These all happened so close together and are very rare events  that I am wondering if the eclipses of this month may be involved. – Michelle