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My two favorite vocalists and musicians!

Survival mode is inherent in all mammals on planet Earth. I have noticed, however, that humans seem to be in a constant state of survival mode. It is rare that I see humans taking time to relax and enjoy life on a daily basis. Animals, on the other hand, seem to do this every day. I know this because one of my favorite past times is being in nature and watching wildlife.

We have been brainwashed into believing that the only way to succeed and have a “happy” life is to be in a constant state of survival mode. People are constantly rushing around working, doing errands, cleaning, etc. The very fact that we need to take vacations in order to have some down time implies that we are doing something wrong. I believe that everyday we should take time to do something that we love. We need to take time for ourselves at some point during the day, every day.

My focus has always been on freedom, since I was a small child. As a young adult I said that I did not want to work for someone else and I wanted to be my own boss. This statement was met with “why? Do you think you are better than everybody else? Being your own boss is not an easy way to make a living.” Why was my desire to be my own boss met with this statement? Because for centuries generation after generation has been brainwashed with the false belief that we need to work for someone else. It is the proper thing to do and it is safe.

First of all, propriety needs to be thrown out the window. We would all be much happier if we did that! Secondly, if working for someone else was safe at one time, it no longer is. Being at the mercy of someone else’s whims for your livelihood is never safe. Safety comes when you have all the control over your circumstances. Many believe that having control over your own life is not possible, but it is very possible, says the grieving mother.

Think about this: someone had to go out on a limb and be their own boss, start a company before anyone else could even consider working for someone else. We cannot go work for someone else unless someone else started their own business. Why is it perfectly fine for someone else to start their business, live their passion, but not you?

This is only one of the very small ways in which we have been brainwashed. When we work for someone else we are more easily controlled. We are told what time to awaken in the morning, what time to eat lunch, what time we can return home, what time we must sleep, how much money we are permitted to live on, etc. We begin to believe that we must do these things.

What if one day the masses decided that they have had enough of this? What if one day we all decided that we are just going to chuck it all and live our passions? What if we realized that we all have something to offer humanity which is needed and can be exchanged?

We would all be much happier. We would all be living our dreams while serving humanity. This would be a much different world.

I am not saying that no one should be working for someone else. There are those who prefer to. If you would rather work for someone else, make sure it involves your passion, something you enjoy. There are way too many people on this planet getting up every day to go to a job they hate simply because they believe they must. No, you mustn’t!

I wish I had realized this when my boys were children. One of my many passions is being a mother. I did not become a mom in order to leave my children with others to raise so that I can go to work at least five days per week and be away from them for at least ten hours of those days. I did not become a mom so that when my children were unwell I could have a boss who laid on guilt trips when I stayed home to care for them. I was living someone else’s dream, not mine.

I have told my (ex)husband that I believe things are going to change. The energy exchange (monetary system) that we have all become compliant to is on its way out. I believe we may go back to bartering or there will be some change that will not be recognizable to those of my generation. I believe that the people who will have the easiest time surviving will be those who are very aware of their passions and the value of their passions to society. People such as myself, my husband and our son would be able to thrive much better in a society such as that one because we have abilities which will always be needed. Music is something which always has been and will always be needed. Bryce and Christian are musicians and vocalists and their services would be much needed. Art is something that people always need whether it be aesthetically or practically. I have the ability to create things merely for beauty or for practical purposes.

The sad thing is that artists have been brainwashed into believing that our art really does not have enough value for us to make a living. Bryce and I have spent the majority of our lives working for others and doing things that we do not enjoy merely to exist. Yes, exist…not live. I am making every effort to ensure this does not happen to our son.

We are all creators. We all have something to offer humanity which is of value. The sad thing is that we have been brainwashed into believing that what we do does not have value. We must work for someone else in order to be of value to society. We have been led to believe this, and many other things, so that we can be more easily controlled. It is high time we changed this! You have value and your passions and talents have value!

I listened to a podcast the other day on this very subject. I have put the link below. It is only about 18 minutes long and I hope that you take the time to listen to it and let it inspire you! Whatever your passion…just do it! – Michelle

Do you still think that a job is the best way of making money?