I am noticing a bit of a trend here on WordPress. Last night I was reading one of my favorite blogs, which I follow. I noticed that there were two to three comments from the same person, which all sounded like spam. I checked this person’s blog and although in the comment they tried to make it appear that their blog was related to one I follow, it was not. In fact, I think the spammer’s blog was was totally the opposite of the blog I follow.

This afternoon I found spam in our comments. John’s blog post of this morning was listed as a pingback; however, in the comments to his post was a link to the spammer’s site. This spammer’s site was along the same lines as the spammer who was on the blog that I follow from last night. In other words, totally unrelated to our blog and with opposing views.

ANY COMMENTS ON OUR BLOG WHICH REMOTELY RESEMBLE SPAM WILL IMMEDIATELY BE DELETED!!!! Our blog is NOT a place for evangalism! Comments are welcome but do in all honesty, sincerity and love! Do not be sneaky on our blog site! The best way to be loving is to let others be themselves. If they need your blog they will find it!

We do not read nor spam blogs which do not interest us. We ask that you have the consideration not to do it to us. If this continue we will change the settings so that all comments must be approved. We apologize in advance to our sincere followers. – Michelle and John