Mother's Day 2017 IV
Spirit photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

I want to talk about connecting with nature today. My mom is planning on going to her favorite place in nature today and doing a video! This is very exciting because my mom is very shy but has recently gotten into doing videos! Never thought we would see that happen! The video can only be seen our Facebook page because my mom has not yet upgraded her WordPress account. Please head to Facebook and look for Ethereal Happenings or you can click on the button on the right hand side of this page (near the bottom), which will take you right to our Facebook page. The video should be posted later today if all goes well.

Nature is very important to our Spiritual well being. This is because Nature, or Gaia, is the Spirit of the Earth. She is very influential in keeping you grounded and balanced. The fact that days spent in nature result in a good night’s sleep, a better countenance and overall good health is not an accident.

Gaia is the original Spirit in the creation of planet Earth. Every planet has a Spirit. Everything is energy and energy is Spirit, Spirit is energy. This why, although many do not realize it, planets have a Spirit and Earth’s is Gaia. The fact that planets have energy has not really been well known to modern society but is recently coming more into the mass consciousness’ knowledge. This is happening because many mediums are beginning to channel them. If you go to the YouTube channel Alison and Kari’s Shiny Show, you will see that Alison often channels the Spirits of planets while Kari interviews them. Alison is a very good medium and does a great job at channeling planets and other entities that others do not usually think about.

The reason that nature is very important to holistic health is because of the grounding nature of the Earth, which makes a lot of sense. When you are out in nature it is very easy to become grounded. The fact that your feet are on solid ground with no floor between you and the Earth makes grounding much more effective. The fact that you are surrounded by trees, other plants and wildlife is very helpful with grounding.

Grounding is very important but, for some, it is very difficult. Many people remain grounded all the time and this sometimes causes them to lose connection to the Spirit Realm and their Higher Self. Then there are others, such as my mother, who have a difficult time remaining grounded and lose connection with the Physical Realm. The trick is to remain balanced with both Realms. The fact that you need to be balanced in this is something which everyone needs to know.

Being grounded helps you to realize your humanity, know your physical nature, be aware of your body and what it is you came here to do. On the other hand, you must be connected with the Spirit Realm (not necessarily in a psychic medium manner) to realize who you truly are and receive guidance from your Spirit Team.

I think when you have a good Spiritual practice and make sure you spend time in nature, you will find that you are holistically more healthy. There is an even balance in both Spiritual and Physical beings. You need to understand that you were first Spirit and then Physical. While in the physical you must remain connected to both! So, get out into nature! – John