My Soul mate and I (in this current incarnation) with our son and his girlfriend.

Soul mate. What is a Soul mate? I often hear people speak on the subject but what most say does not resonate with me. I recently read a blog post about Soul mates which truly resonated with me. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who wrote it and, although I did a search, I could not find it. If you know who you are, please speak up as I was really hoping to have a ping back to the post. Anyways, as this post I speak of probably did for many…I am about to burst your heart shaped balloon!

A Soul mate is a Soul who is your partner. Now, partners come in many forms, shapes and sizes. There is not merely one type of partner. Your Soul mate assists you (and vice versa) with your growth and expansion through out your incarnations. We discussed various incarnations on this blog many times. We are aware that each incarnation, though connected, are not identical. We may not always incarnate as the same gender and we may not even incarnate as human. Therefore, the illusion which many are living under (this is a saying of my Soul mate’s in his current incarnation) is going to be debunked. Your Soul mate is not ALWAYS your romantic partner. Partner, yes…lover, not always.

First I want to say that you and your Soul mate do not always incarnate together. This is why many people feel that they have not, nor will they ever, find their Soul mate in this life. They probably chose not to incarnate together this time around.

For instance, in my incarnation as Aspasia, my Soul mate and I did not incarnate together. This did not mean I did not have a Soul mate. I did, however, for whatever reason, we agreed that I would go solo this time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not having your Soul mate with you during this lifetime. Obviously, you both had a reason for it.

We have all probably had times where we wished our Soul mate did not incarnate with us. Why? Because your Soul mate and you could decide to come in as enemies. During incarnations such as these, you would be hard pressed to believe that this person is your Soul mate. It is not your Soul mate’s purpose to always be your lover or best bud. It is your Soul mate’s purpose to assist you in your expansion, no matter what that entails.

In my present incarnation, my Soul mate and I did go through a period where we were enemies. We hated each other! I should say, that I tried to hate him but could not. We were supposed to have issues in our relationship but we were not supposed to get to the point of hating each other. I suppose you could say we both messed up but, on the other hand, it served us both well because I think we both learned a great deal from the experience and we did reunite. In essence, there are no mistakes!

Your Soul mate can take on any role in an incarnation. It is all dependent on what serves you both in that life. Your Soul mate can be your parent, child, friend, co-worker, etc. Your Soul mate may not be meant to be in your life permanently.

In one of our incarnations my Soul mate was my child. In the very next incarnation, we were very close friends. I was much older than her and was a mentor to her. We both incarnated immediately after that life and became husband and wife in this life.

In my incarnation as Martha Corey my Soul mate incarnated with me and was my second husband (as in this current incarnation), Giles Corey. Good times until the drama started!

It was never mine or my Soul mates intention to always incarnate together nor to always be lovers. Our intention has always been to help each other grow and expand. Once I incarnated without him. Twice we were husband and wife. Once he was my child and once she was my friend!

The Soul mate relationship goes much much deeper than merely being human lovers. Yes, there is such a thing as having a relationship which is deeper and more intense than romance. There is no need for it to always be a romantic relationship. There is always a need to partner up and assist each other in one another’s growth process, however.

We must remember that Earth is not all there is. This dimension is not the true reality. The true reality is the Spirit Realm where our true essence resides. Things are a bit different there and we view things differently there. The importance we place on romantic relationships in this dimension is not placed on it in other dimensions. Therefore, Soul mates incarnating as lovers is not an issue. The purpose is the issue. – Michelle