“Third Eye Meditation” Art by Michelle Buchheit-Schill

Heaven? What is it? Where is it? And how does one get there?

These are questions that I battled with all my life. I think even more so after I shut down my abilities as a teen because when I cut off my connection to the Spirit Realm, I also cut off my “knowing”. I then began to live in fear of never reaching Heaven.

Once I began to use my abilities again I began to remember how simple it all really is. There is no magic formula, no steps one must take, no having to be “good enough”. It is simple. Much simpler than that.

It all begins with waking up. Being conscious. When I say conscious I do not mean waking up from a physical sleep. I mean waking up to see what is beyond your physical sight. What is truly going on around you in this realm. Tuning into your intuition, connecting with the “other side”.

It is when you wake up that you ask yourself, “why was I making this so complicated?” This is because you begin using your original sense (what many call “primitive” sense or sixth sense). Humanity began to turn off this sense many millions of years ago. The more “civilized” we became, the less we used this sense. The less we used this sense, the less connected we became to our true selves, our intuition and the Spirit Realm (thus the true essence of god).

In my own personal opinion, this was intentional. I firmly believe that there are those who are power hungry and greedy. They know that if we are connected then we are uncontrollable. We are free. We know our true selves, our true power and our true divinity. We cease buying into the lies. It benefits many that people do not use this original sense.

There is a very “primitive” gland in the brain called the pineal gland. Many refer to it as the third eye. This gland has been known in mystical circles forever. Science, however, has not truly known much about it but has recently begun to study it in more seriousness.

I recently read an article that said through science’s study of this gland, they are beginning to think maybe it should not be called the third eye but the first eye. They believe that this could possibly be the first eye before our two physical eyes came into being.

I have always said that in the beginning of the human race people communicated and survived by their psychic abilities. Before the use of words, before telephones, computers, etc. The more we used words, the less we used our psychic abilities. The less we used our psychic abilities, the weaker our psychic abilities became. It is just like a muscle: use it or lose it. This is why I believe everyone has psychic abilities laying dormant within them. Some may be born with them stronger and able to maintain them throughout their lives but we all have them.

The pineal gland controls many physical functions such as sexual development, sexual libido, appetite etc. I think it is most noted in controlling the sleep cycle and melatonin. I find this very ironic about controlling sleep. The reason is that the pineal gland is also known as the seat of the Soul and psychic abilities; hence, being consciously aware.

When your pineal gland is healthy you are awake and using your abilities, to whatever extent. This is when the realization of how simple things are hits you. This is when you are free from the shackles that society has bound you with since birth. You realize that there is nothing you need to do to get to Heaven. No one needs to be saved from anything. Home is where the heart is. Heaven is home. It is where you came from and where you will return, no matter your life style, beliefs, etc. (Please, let us begin to let our Atheist friends live in peace!)

The reason for this is because we originate from the Creator. Everything originates from the Creator, which means everything is part and parcel of the Creator. The Creator is in everything and everyone. Including you! We are the Creator expressing and experiencing. It is for this very reason that it is simple. We are one and we will return from whence we came!

The good health of your pineal gland is vital to your freedom. When your pineal gland is healthy you are thinking clearly, you are think for yourself, you are conscious and you know your true eternal self. You are connected to home.

There are many ways to care for your pineal gland. Eating a healthy diet is essential. Try to eat organic and GMO free as much as possible. Remove fluoride from your system by either using fluoride free toothpaste or making your own toothpaste and filtering the fluoride out of your water. Fluoride wreaks havoc on the pineal gland! I am not one to tell others how to eat because I believe that we each have unique bodies with their own dietary requirements. I do not believe in condemning others because they do not eat as I do. I will say that when I opened my pineal gland back up my diet changed automatically without me realizing it at first. This is because my body’s vibrational frequency was no longer a match to the diet I used to eat. Your body will tell you what it needs as you ascend. All you need to do is be aware and listen to it.

Another important point is to make your home and your body as chemical free as you possibly can. Between my ascension and dealing with a chronic illness, I felt it necessary to remove chemicals from my life. I now use all chemical free household cleaners, cosmetics and personal care items. I began making all these items myself a few years ago and last month opened an on-line shop called  Naturally Ethereal where I sell these items for those who want to live a chemical free life but do not have the time to make them. Living chemical free is not only important for our health but the health of Gaia as well. I feel very strongly about this and in my on-line shop there is a blog where I not only talk about my products but I am also writing informative posts to help others learn how to live in this manner.

Another very important practice for pineal gland health is meditation. I will admit that I have been a bit lax in this department lately. I used to meditate several times a day for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour at each sitting. I know I need to get back this. Meditation is good for every aspect of your being and I feel it is imperative. It regulates your mood as well as assisting in strengthening your psychic abilities and thus your knowledge.

I feel so strongly about these subjects that I began this blog to help people realize their potential to connect with the Spirit Realm in whatever way is comfortable for them and then opened my shop in order for people to live a healthier life, which, in turn, gives us a healthier planet!

As a side note: My dad blogged earlier today and I have to say that I do not agree with him on the point of me still being too wrapped up in my children to the point that I do not have a life. This was once true but is no longer possible. My three oldest children are in the Spirit Realm and my youngest is out travelling and exploring the world. I am busy with my business, my blog and my Spiritual work.

Also, when my dad said that my grandfather and uncle were “needling” him, I just had to tease my dad! I said, “needling, dad? Seriously? You know how redneck that sounds?” – Michelle