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My baby and my youngest, Christian (yes, that is dad on the drums!)

I know that you all hear me talk about my children quite a bit. My youngest, Christian, has so much wisdom for such a young person and such a young Soul. He has taught his mother so much! I was a very serious person who rarely smiled or had fun. Christian taught me to enjoy life, what is truly important in life. It is not just us old folks who teach the young! They also teach us.

I will be interviewing Christian on our Facebook page, Ethereal Happenings, about the world and society from a young, free spirited, refuses to fit into the box perspective!

Although this will be live on Facebook, I can only tell you it will be sometime in the afternoon on Monday. This is how our family operates. No schedule, go with the flow. This is fine because the video will permanently remain on our Facebook page. So, please head over to Facebook and check out Ethereal Happenings! Weather permitting, we are hoping to film along the beautiful shores of Lake Erie! – Michelle