Christian-Flowers July 13, 2017
These flowers represent a happy moment! My brother has been traveling for the past year and was not supposed to be home for two weeks. He surprised our mom with these flowers today in person. The good moments serve just as much purpose as the bad. This taught my mom that there are good moments even with her maternal grief and her only surviving son traveling all the time! Right and wrong, good or bad are not important. The lesson in love is!

People often feel that they need to be right. But what is wrong with being wrong sometimes? No one is right all the time, even though there are some who act as if they are right all the time. People who feel the need to be right are usually suffering from insecurity.

When people strive to be right all the time or are judgmental towards others, they are trying to feel better about themselves. If they are right at all time, then they must be superior to others. This may work, but only for a moment. The after effects are not worth being right all the time. The results are catastrophic! People such as this have trouble deciding when to not speak, not to act, not judge and how to state their opinions politely. The end result is difficult relationships or no relationships.

The concept of being right and wrong is purely a human thing. When we are in Spirit, there is no right or wrong. There are no labels of any kind. This is a very freeing experience and a bit difficult to get used to when you return after spending some time on Earth.

The Spirit Realm does not judge nor label. It is what it is! That might sound cliche, but it is very true. Everything is or happens for a reason. To serve a purpose. You need to understand that bad things are not punishments! They are many times in your pre-life plan to serve a purpose in your life. Yes, this is very harsh but without these bad moments you would not be motivated to do the things you came into this life to do. I think my mom is a perfect example of this. It was my death that got her motivated to change her life and become her true self. She is now more happy than ever!

Many people have trouble with this concept because they want revenge. They want justification. They want people to pay for what they have done. Those in power want people to live in fear so that they are easily controlled.

Even someone such as Hitler is not judged in the Spirit Realm. He was what he was. He served a purpose, although it was a difficult one. He was not condemned to hell because no one is. There is no such thing as hell unless you want to create one for yourself. The only judgement is you judging you.

When Spirits return to the Spirit Realm after an incarnation they typically have a life review. During this life review they sit and view their entire life. They relive everything but very quickly. They have the same feelings but can also feel the feelings of those they interacted with. This is not a punishment but for some, they judge themselves so harshly that is their punishment. I believe that Hitler had a very difficult time when he returned to the Spirit Realm. The memories of what he did will always be with him but he is the only one who punished him.

On the other hand, good moments work the same way. Many were pre-planned before life and serve a very important purpose. We must understand that without dark, there could be no light.

We must understand that who is right and who is wrong is not important. Labels, lifestyles, religions, nationality, etc. are not important. What is important is LOVE and being open minded about what is right and what is wrong! – John