John-Arm Fart - Edited
My arm farting stage!

Spirits will often drive you crazy! Ask my mom, she will be more than happy to tell you! The truth is that we have very good reason for doing this! It is not punishment or to anger you.

Those who can speak directly to Spirit may have it the worst. They are fully aware when we are “playing games”, as my mother likes to say. Some people are not quite so aware of when this is occurring but it does happen to everyone.

Spirit will throw things at you to see how you handle the situation. This usually occurs when you have certain things you need to work on. People who do not stand up for themselves will feel as if they are being harassed by Spirit. We are not actually harassing you but trying to get you to stick up for yourself and stand your ground.

Sometimes it feels as if Spirit is not being loving or they are just plain cruel. Although it may seem this way, that is not what is going on. We are trying to improve your life by getting you to the point where you will not take anymore.

People often say that the Universe will send the same situations your way over and over again. This is very true! We need to expand while in human form and when you have a situation that you came into this life to improve, we do our best to help you accomplish the task.

This is not a punishment, being mean or unloving. The truth is that it is actually the opposite. We are trying to make you want to change your situation. Many people need a lot of catastrophe in order to change. Others need to be pushed to their limit. Some need to have everything taken from them before they change. This is why we do what we do. We are merely trying to help with your growth and expansion. – John