“Prayer” Art by Michelle Buchheit-Schill

I have always been a very right brained person so imagery has played a very important part in my life.

This concept has helped a great deal in my prayer life. Prayer was something I used to struggle with quite a bit. It felt as if it was a chore and not an aid to connect me to Source. I felt as if I could never do it good enough.

I think I may have received this notion from memorized prayer I was taught as a child and those who would stand up in church and pray for extended periods of time in very flowery words. Neither of these is who I am. Memorized prayer has always felt very shallow to me and had no meaning in my connection to the Divine. Reciting flowery words, especially in public, is definitely not me. I needed something more sincere to connect to the Creator and I was mislead in believing it had to be in beautiful words.

Being an artist I see images and pictures quite a lot in my head. I eventually learned that even images and pictures are energy, even the ones in my head! Energy has no boundaries. No time boundaries and no space boundaries; therefore, Source would receive my prayers through imagery, I thought to myself!

I began to give this a try and found that it is very effective. For instance, every morning I start my day by imagining a globe of white light surrounding me. For me, pure white light represents Source/Creator/God/Universe. When I imagine the white light surrounding me, I have sent energy/prayer to God asking for his/her/its protection throughout my day. Should I feel I need another boost of protection at some point during my day, I again imagine the bubble of white light around me.

My imagery has benefitted me in another way also. I have a lot brain fog due to ME/CFS and post-menopausal symptoms. Many times, these days, when I am speaking I cannot seem to grasp the words I need to use. When I am speaking to Spirit (this usual seems to happen when I speaking with John), should I forget a word, I simply put the picture in my mind and whoever I am talking to gets it! If only this would work with those who are currently incarnated!

Speaking of energy, I had wanted to focus my blog posts solely on my reincarnation series. Although my health is improving, I am still having boughts of ME/CFS and must plan my days carefully. I decided that with every incarnation I would do Spirit Art to go along with the channeled post. Doing Spirit Art has always zapped my energy but it seems as if channeling other aspects of myself is even more exhausting. This took me by surprise as I assumed this would be less exhausting! For this reason, I am needing to space out my reincarnation series. Thankfully, I have very few human lives on Earth. My problem will be my incarnations on Sirius. I have many there and will need to find a way to condense them.

Although I am still having to deal with the ME/CFS, it is not as bad as it was last year and I have been able to work more on my new business, Naturally Ethereal. I finally have my new website up and running and I am very pleased with how it looks. I also began taking an on-line class about running a home based business! I have not been taking the class for very long but it is already been a great help to me.

This month’s project in the class was using Facebook’s live video to promote your business. This really took me out of my comfort zone! I did find that although this makes me very nervous, I did enjoy doing it. I now have a Facebook page for Naturally Ethereal and Ethereal Happenings. I will eventually be doing Facebook videos for Ethereal Happenings also.

As soon as I get more acquainted with how to use my new website, I will be having promotions and such on Naturally Ethereal. I am finding this all very exciting! – Michelle