Mother's Day 2017 IX
“The Bridge Between” Spirit Art by Michelle and Ricky Schill

Many people are very unaware of their Higher Selves. The Higher Self is also known as the Soul or the Over Soul. The Higher Self is the Soul which breaks off individual Spirits to incarnate. This is the basis of reincarnation.

It is very important that you are aware of your Higher Self. It is the Higher Self who has the goals it would like to accomplish in each individual life time. Every lifetime is connected and is a step towards completing these goals. This is why it is so important that you are aware and can be in touch with your Higher Self.

When you have this awareness you will better be able to accomplish what you planned to in this lifetime. There are many reasons that you want to be on the right path. Firstly, when you are on the right path is when you are the happiest. If you are suffering from constant depression, this is an indication that something is not correct in your life. You are not living your passion and are off your path. Being on your path is a very joyous and rewarding thing!

Another reason is for guidance. You receive most of your guidance from you Spirit Guides; however, they work in conjunction with your Higher Self. They cooperate to ensure that the goals are met. When are disconnected from Spirit, it is very difficult to remain on your path. Everything in the Universe is a joint and cooperative effort!

The most important reason is that you are part and parcel of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is not a separate entity from you! You are part of the whole and not a separate lower being. You are working in cooperation with your Higher Self and are not less than your Higher Self.

You need to be very aware of the fact that you have a Higher Self (Soul) in order to be connected and remain on your path. You do not need to be a psychic medium or have powerful psychic abilities for this. There are many who are connected to Spirit and do not realize that they are. When you have a strong intuition, this is an indication that you are very connected to Spirit and are hearing your Higher Self.

Being aware of your Higher Self is the most important part of your Spiritual Journey. The best way to be true to yourself and live your life to the fullest is to be in touch with your Higher Self! – John