“Hummingbird”. Spirit Art by Michelle and Tina Schill

There are many people who want to talk to their family and friends but cannot because their family and friends are not aware that they are there. This is because they are in Spirit. Most people either believe the person ceased to exist after crossing over, Spirit communication is not possible or that it is possible but it s wrong.

All of these are misbeliefs!  The truth is that it is possible and there is nothing wrong with it in our Creator’s eyes. The creator is Spirit also. In fact, he/she/it is the original and ultimate Spirit. People come into their lives with the ability to communicate with Spirit for a reason and God has condoned these gifts; otherwise, no one would have these gifts.

People need to understand that most interpretations of God’s words were interpreted by people who had little to no connection with Spirit. They did not consult with those who do have the connection to find the truth about the Spirit Realm. They had an agenda and wrote what served them. I am not implying that all religious text is wrong but a majority of it is! The rule of thumb is that if what you are reading is not loving, it is not of God. If it promotes hate, prejudice, murder, capital punishment, etc, it is not of God. When religious texts state that God is love, they are speaking TRUTH! Any passage that contradicts this statement is FALSE! It is either one or the other and there is no between on this point. The point is that God is either love or God is not love. The best question to ask yourself is “is this a loving thing to do?”

Therefore, God would not permit people with the ability to communicate with Spirit to come into this life with the gift if God were against it. That is considered cruel and unusual punishment, which is a human trait and definitely not a trait of God’s. People who condemn others for these abilities, their lifestyle, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc. are NOT exhibiting love and, therefore, what they say is NOT of God, no mater how hard they try to convince that you it is!

That is why I feel the need to write this. People have a very bad view of our Creator. The bad views are false. The Creator is not vindictive, not jealous, not judgmental and not condemning. These traits do not have the vibration of love and, therefore, cannot be traits of the Creator.

Now, that I have explained this, I want to let everyone know that each of you are surrounded by Spirits all the time. Many of them are your guides and angels but many others are family and friends who wish to speak to you. There is nothing more frustrating for those of us who are in Spirit to want to communicate with our loved ones and they cannot hear us. More frustrating is when they do hear us but explain it away.

The best thing that happened to me after I crossed over is when I spoke to my mom while she was showering. She heard me and said “John? Is that you?” I was very excited and very happy! This is what Spirit wants! Even if you are not a psychic medium you can “hear” Spirit, see their signs and feel them “touching” you. We do these things all the time but you must be in the right frame of mind to catch it. When this happens, acknowledge it and do not try to explain it away. This is very frustrating for us and hurtful!

We want to continue to be a part of our loved ones’ lives but the agenda of the greedy have made it difficult. If you want to make your loved ones in Spirit happy, talk to them (even if you cannot hear us, we can hear you), include us in family functions, be excited when we send you a sign! The best part of being in Spirit is being able to continue to have relationships with those we love who are still incarnated!

The truth is that you can have a relationship with us!  Please do not ignore the fact that we continue to live on! – John