Martha Corey
“Martha Corey” Spirit Art by Michelle Buchheit-Schill and Martha Corey

I have heard that we all have at least one incarnation where we get to be a famous person. I have had two incarnations where I have been semi-famous. The first incarnation was written up the other day, Aspasia: My First Human Incarnation On Earth. She was famous during her time, but being a woman, not much was recorded about her throughout history.

Today, my second Earth incarnation and my second and final semi-famous life is going to write, Martha Corey. I am going to step aside and let another aspect of me take over: Martha.

My name is Martha Corey and I was born on October 26, 1630. My life was very good up until the girls started making false accusations during the witch trials.

Our town became chaotic quite suddenly. There were girls who needed quite a bit of attention. To get the attention they needed they began to accuse others of being witches. My problem was that I became very suspicious of what was going on and began to question things. The girls became very angry at me and accused both my husband and myself of being witches.

The truth is that none of us were witches but these girls were desperate to be in the center of attention. The more out of hand things became the more they persisted. The truth does not matter when the mob mentality begins to strike. This is something that Michelle writes of often because since my life, it has been something that every incarnation has had to deal with. There is very good reason for this but I think that Michelle needs to figure it out for herself before I say what it is.

My husband and I were very happy together and we had a wonderful life! We were very much in love, the same as in this life (although my husband will not admit to it in this life!). I had a beautiful son and step-children. We lived on a farm and had a wonderful house! The area that we lived in was very nice and quiet for many years.

There are many reasons why each of our incarnations goes through the things that it goes through. Each life is connected as if they are chain links. My situation, although over 400 years ago, has greatly impacted Michelle’s life. My life has caused much of the grief she has endured in this one.

The need for freedom and being yourself is very important to our Higher Self, which is why we needed to experience the witch trials and the false accusations that Michelle has lived with since she was born. Even in this life, Michelle has been accused of being a witch to her pastor. There are many reasons why this is. The one that I can speak of, because she has figured this one out, has to do with her abilities.

I did not have psychic medium abilities. The only ability I had was very good intuition, which did get me into trouble with the church! Michelle has had these abilities since birth and has spent her entire life hiding them because she can “remember” experiencing the witch trials. This was very prevalent to her when she was asked about the accusations by her pastor, when her mentor channeled the Spirits involved in the witch trials and when she watched a documentary on the witch trials. It was after these events that her son, John, told her that this was because she had an incarnation as Martha Corey.

Michelle has finally come to accept her abilities without worrying what others will think. For a Soul who experienced the trauma of the witch trials, this is a very big feat! We need to understand that these traumas are not punishments but ways in which our Soul can grow and expand. Our Higher Selves have certain lessons and expansions which they would like to accomplish so they choose events in their incarnations to achieve this. We have finally overcome caring what others thing!

This incarnation is very good at not being intimidated by the traumas that come her way. This is because between all of our Earth lives there have been many traumas. Michelle’s incarnation is the last one and we have been working very hard to complete our tasks. This incarnation has been very difficult but the most productive!

Our Higher Self is very reserved and shy. She has been working on this issue throughout all of her Earth lives. Aspasia was very insecure even within the high position which she held. I was very quiet and reserved. The two incarnations between myself and Michelle were very insecure and shy. Michelle began her life barely speaking and very unsure of herself! She now has much more confidence is not that shy anymore. She can be in public and talk to others and I have even witnessed her speaking to a church congregation, of all things!

We must understand that every lifetime is very important to the Higher Self. Every lifetime serves a purpose and needs to be experienced to its fullest, no matter how painful it is. When you return back home to the Spirit Realm, you will see it was all worth it. I would not change anything! Except that Michelle is uncomfortable in turtlenecks! – Martha Corey