Black feather that my brother, sister and I gave to our mom. 

Actually, everyone is psychic! The problem is that most people are not aware of this. We have been taught for centuries that either these abilities are not real or only “special” people have them. This is not true! The fact is that psychic abilities are very normal and very natural.

There are some who are born with stronger abilities than others but everyone has them and everyone can develop them to make them stronger. It does take work and practice but it is possible! It works much like a muscle in your body. You must use it to keep it strong. The point is that if you choose, you can have a psychic connection with Spirit!

For those who do not have strong psychic abilities, you can still be aware of the presence of Spirits. You must remain calm and relaxed to hear Spirit because our energies are very subtle. The first thing to do is to maintain an open mind. This is easily done by realizing that you do not know everything, science does not know everything and simply because you cannot see it does not mean it is not there.

The second thing to be done is to not over analyze everything that happens. You must be very open minded and not care about the opinions of other! This requires quite a bit of courage but in reality others opinions of you should never matter about any aspect of your life. The problems that block you from Spirit are usually dealing with some sort of fear. The most common  is fear is that of what others will think. When you think you have received a sign Spirit, merely accept it. Do not try to see if there is some scientific evidence that would discount that it is from Spirit. Does it actually really matter? The most important thing is your intuition or “gut instinct”. That is what psychic abilities are about: intuition! You need to learn what is your intuition and what is not! This may be difficult to learn, but it is possible through meditation.

There are many ways to be aware of Spirit. Most commonly, Spirit will try to connect through nature. Typical signs would be wild life behaving atypically. Maybe a butterfly is fluttering close by you for an unusually long period of time. That would be Spirit sending you a sign. My brother, sister and I once had a hummingbird flutter about an inch from my mom’s nose for an extended period of time. We have also had butterflies follow her.

Another use of nature is feathers! Each color feather has a certain significance. There are charts on the internet where you can look up the meaning of feathers. My mom has received many feathers from her children in Spirit and other Spirits whom she is connected with. Feathers are very important in many cultures, particularly native ones. This is the reason Native Americans have headbands with feathers in them. These feathers have great significance to them!

Sometimes Spirits will touch you. This does not typically feel like someone with a physical body touching you; however, there are times that it may. Typically, when Spirit touches it you it feels more as if a light electrical current is running through your hand or other body part. This can be very difficult discern but if you are in the moment you will be very aware of it. It may feel as if a piece of hair or a feather is lightly being run along your skin. There may be a tickling sensation, etc. Usually the feeling of a soft breeze where a breeze is not possible, usually indicates that you are receiving a kiss from Spirit! This is something that I like to do to my mom!

The most important thing to remember is not to be afraid to accept these signs as being from Spirit! The only person that it is important to is you! These signs are for you, not others! Who cares what others think? These are personal signs for you and no one else; therefore, what others think is unimportant. – John