“Aspasia”. Spirit Art by Michelle Buchheit-Schill and Aspasia.

As discussed on Sunday, I am beginning my series on reincarnation. My purpose in doing this is to show how each life interconnects with the others, which all leads up to the purposes and intentions of the Higher Self. This will be interesting for me also as, although I do know a little about my past lives, I do not know much. I have noticed some connections between my previous two lives and this one but that is about it.

So, I thought I would begin with my first human life on  Earth, Aspasia. I will channel her and she will take over from here.

The problem with historical “facts” is that they are usually wrong. This is particularly true when they go as far back in history as I was. The reason could be that people really do not accurately categorize artifacts. The truth is that they really do not know much about me because I am a woman. Women were not as revered as men back then but I was a very lucky woman in that I was held in high regard.

I was, in fact, born in Miletus but I was not born in the the 400’s BCE. I was born on October 30, 663 BCE. I am not sure why people believe people such as myself, Pericles or Socrates lived that long ago, but it is not correct. We need to remember that not everything in history books is correct. They have been written and researched by human beings who were not present at the time.

My life was very atypical for a woman. I had more than most women and I did not want for much. My education was far beyond what most girls received at the time. My parents were very good to me and I was very spoiled. The problem came when I was much older. I was very far beyond what other girls were at in my region and I would not be well accepted.

My parents sent me to Athens where they thought life might be easier for me. It was there that I met Pericules. We fell in love and had a very good relationship.

Although I was not technically his wife by law, I was his wife in every other sense of the word. We had a son Pericules II. The best thing that ever happened to me!

I went on to be very popular because I was very intelligent and I loved a good conversation. This made the men more accepting of me and I then I became very close with Socrates. He was a teacher of sorts to me but I was very smart and learned quickly. We became friends and I was included in all of his speeches, which was very uncommon for women.

I was very good at speeches myself and many would come and speak to me. I answered many questions and had many good conversations with men. They would ask me philosophical questions, which is something I was very interested in and learned a great deal from Socrates on this subject.

As for the rumors of me being a harlot, they are not quite accurate. The truth is that I was an escort but not really in the sense of prostitution as it is know n today. I did entertain many men but this was more on an intellectual level. I admit that I did have affairs with  a few but it was not a brothel or prostitution. I think that this rumor came into being because I was always surrounded by men who had questions for me. Many people thought this was inappropriate and the rumors began.

My main purpose was to teach others to be more open minded. I believe that I succeeded at this and that many women were taught that they are very valuable and intelligent.

The entire lifetime was very good and I enjoyed it. I think that this very first lifetime was meant to be easy and enjoyable. Afterwards, each life on Earth became more and more difficult. The purpose to these lifetimes is to empower others. We are attempting to teach people that you can be free to be yourself.  We are all equal irrespective of gender, race or sexual orientation.

I believe that we have been very successful throughout our incarnations although Michelle often feels that she is failing our Higher Self. This is not true because the fact is that she is doing exactly what we had planned!

Never believe what others say about you. The truth is that you are more valuable than you could ever know. Women are as smart and valuable as men. Religion is actually irrelevant as to your value, even in God’s eyes. Sexual orientation does not make you any less of a man or woman. We are created equal! What we do with our abilities is what matters! – Aspasia