We have come up with a plan to write a series about reincarnation. This idea is my mom’s and not my own. I will be helping her with this blog piece because, as my mother says, her memory is not serving properly at this moment. What she means is that her memory about the truths about reincarnation are not clear because she is incarnated and she has asked for my help since I am not incarnated and my memory is clear on the subject.

In order to understand reincarnation, why we incarnate and why so frequently, I will be channeling other aspects of myself who lived in the past according to the Earth’s timeline. I would like to show how my previous incarnations have lead to where I am now and why my Higher Self chose them. John has chosen not to speak of his incarnations because he is not incarnated at the moment and there are personal reasons he would rather not do so.

People must begin to understand that your past lives are important. Although the main focus should be placed on this current life, you need to be able to understand how your lives connect and why they connect. This is helpful knowledge to have in order to heal, for Soul integration and realize and fulfill your purpose as a Spiritual being.

Many do not believe in reincarnation and that is perfectly fine. That is the path which they are on at this time. There are many who believe in it but do not have a full understand of it. This is also fine. There are those who have much knowledge of reincarnation and help others with past life regression in order to help them heal in this life.

We must understand that we are more than what we see in the mirror. The fact that your entire Spirit does not fit inside your body tells us that we are greater than what we can see and what we have been told. Therefore, why would an infinite being incarnate only once? Particularly when the work it needs to do so vast and so important? This work takes time which requires many incarnations. Not merely incarnations as humans on Earth.

People believe that they only incarnate as human beings on Earth. This is not so! My mom has incarnated four hundred times, yet very few of them have been on Earth. This is not her home planet. The truth is that there are many people like her. My stepfather is the same but he is very unaware of it. My mom feels he is not yet ready for this knowledge! He has not even accepted the fact yet that he is the reincarnation of Giles Corey.  The point is that there are those who cannot accept these things yet. There will come a time when they will but it may not be during the current incarnation.

We must be very open minded to understand that “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” (Hamlet). Shakespeare was one of the ones in the past who had an awareness beyond other human beings.

The truth is very bizarre to the human mind but we must be willing to open our minds in order to seek the truth. There are those with agendas to have tried to teach humanity otherwise. They have taught humanity that they are limited, mortal and weak. They have succeeded, for the most part; however, there have always been a few who knew the truth. Those are our heroes. Today more and more people are realizing the truth and speaking out. This is truly an exciting time to be incarnated! – Michelle and John