My Back Yard
“My Back Yard”. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

I have not been blogging very much over the past few months. I used to blog on a regular basis but have found the need to take breaks and only blog when I really felt motivated. The reason for this is that I have found the Soul Integration process to be exceedingly intense and painful. I have felt often over the past several months that it would kill me. I needed the breaks and the alone time to process what I was going through, throw my temper trantrums when no one else was around and have it out with my Guides, Higher Self and my family in Spirit. It took quite awhile to figure out exactly what was going on. Although I still do not understand it completely, I now have a better understanding than I used to.

I asked if the process was over and received the answer that it would not be over until I returned home. I asked if the process could be stopped but was told that once Soul Integration began, it could not be stopped, at least in my case and cases similar to mine. I then wanted to know if the worst of it was over and was told that the very worst was over (phew!). The intensity of the process made me wonder why I had not been working on this in previous lives. The answer I received was that I had begun the work during my previous two lives but I was really unaware of what Soul Integration was until this present life. I have just had three lives, back to back, all very difficult but this one being the most difficult. The reason for this is that this is my last incarnation and my Higher Self would like to “wrap things up”.

Today is the first day in many months that I feel very calm and peace! I do hope that this lasts for quite awhile before the next phase occurs. I am in desperate in need of a break.

I did a Google search to find the definition/explanation for Soul Integration. I could not find an answer which resonated with me and decided to ask my Spirit Team. This is their response: “Soul Integration is perceived as a type of therapy on Earth. This is not technically the case! The true definition and purpose of Soul Integration is not therapy to heal the past but to discover who you truly are. It is to bring back the memory of your true self. The memory of where you came from. It is because of the pain and trauma of this world that you have forgotten these things. It is when you remember these things that your true nature can then come through. We really do not consider it therapy but a journey back to yourself. The fact that it is viewed as a therapy is not really a bad thing and helps those who are still incarnated understand it better; however, in the Spirit Realm it is viewed more as a journey through the self. You must understand that the process is very difficult and, yet, very, very important. The truth is a painful quest but for the benefit of the Universe it is important! You must be willing to take this journey to reunite with your Higher Selves and be more willing to have a better understanding of the human experience. This is very important to your Soul and to all Souls who seek to incarnate on your planet.”

On another note but very much related, I have just watched a documentary called E-Motion. This documentary spoke of the purpose of our emotions, how they effect our bodies and the reasons that illnesses occur (both physical and emotional). The purpose of this film was to educate us on the importance of our emotions. The reason they have been built into us is very important to maintaining balance and health on a holistic level.

We need to understand that every emotion is very valid. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an “emotional person”. In fact, there is everything right with it! We are emotional beings because emotions is our sole mode of communication when we are home in the Spirit Realm. Emotions are the way our Spirit communicates with our physical body. They tell us when there is something wrong which we must remove ourselves from. It tell us when we need to release things from our past which are causes of blockages in our energetic body which will lead to illness, be it physical, emotional, mental or all.

This documentary talks about many techniques which can help a person live a healthier and happier life by changing the ways in which we deal with these problems, particularly in Western culture. The fact is, that many of the people in this documentary spoke of ancient wisdom in healing these matter and that they are more effective than  the methods our modern society uses.

The reasons for this is that our culture tends to put a “bandage” over the core problem without actually addressing it. I spent many years in therapy and have just spent many years with a chronic physical illness. I found that therapy really did not heal me. For those that it did work for, it took many, many years of therapy to have any effect. I feel that this should not be. I have been suffering with a chronic illness which has no treatment or cure, according to modern medicine. This also should not be. Why? Because our bodies, as the documentary points out, are hardwired to heal themselves and do so quickly.

I believe that the biggest problem today is that humanity has forgotten these things. They have been taught right out of us. When we begin to understand ourselves on a holistic level: mind, body and Spirit, these problems will begin to disappear!

After proofing this post, I realized that it really does not sound like me. The verbage is really not typical of me in most parts of the post. It was my intention to channel only when my Guides were giving their definition of Soul Integration; however, I remained very connected to the Spirit Realm after that point. Although, what is said was my intention, it is not really my verbage. I see a mixture me, my Guides and John in here. I find it interesting because I really cannot recall this happening in the past. Well, consider this a joint effort! – Michelle