“Apple Blossoms” Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

My mom and I had a very interesting conversation yesterday. My mom mentioned that when she was a Christian there always seemed to be a certain way you were supposed to act, look and appear. There was no loosing your temper, no swearing, no drinking, no smoking, no being overly eccentric, and definitely no psychic abilities! Those were not proper characteristics for a good Christian! This was the reason my mother hid who she was. She was really not any of these things but pretended be. No one knew that she was very angry, no one knew that she smoked, and, especially, no one knew that she was a psychic medium. This was very difficult for her and caused her many problems.

My mom mentioned that she is afraid that this is beginning to happen in the Spiritual community. She has witnessed many times on social media where people in the Spiritual community are judging others based on their lifestyles and their behaviors. This is definitely not what Spirituality is about. Not by a long shot!

My mom said that although she basically eats a mainly vegetarian diet, she does like fish every once in awhile but every time she goes to eat fish, she feels guilty! This should not be so! There are those who are awake and ascending and still can eat meat. There is nothing wrong with this other than the fact that the processes used today are inhumane.

Your Ascension and Awakening is not determined by what you eat nor your lifestyle. The main purpose of these is to become expanded as a Spirit/Soul. This expansion should cause you to not judge others! Observing is what you should be doing and doing it with love. There is no reason to feel guilty because you enjoy a certain food once in awhile or smoke. There is no need to feel as though you need to dress a certain way. None of these things is what is important.

The issue with the things you desire to eat after the Ascension process has started has more to do with the Vibrational match of your physical body and the food. Some can still eat meat with no physical effects. While others can no longer eat it. This is what occurred with my mother. She used to love beef. When she got to her mid-40’s and the Ascension began, she could no longer digest it. This is very true for many people. Those who this did not happen to should not be made to feel guilty about it. There bodies had no need to make this adjustment. The important thing is that you need to be aware of the process of how animals are handled when being slaughtered. The awareness is the important thing. Then the mass consensus taking action is the next most important.

You must understand that that each physical body is unique and created differently. What one body can digest as a diet, another may not. This is normal and nothing to feel guilty about. There are many who cannot be vegans or vegetarians. It can cause them to become sick and, therefore, they must avoid this diet. Others need to be vegans or vegetarians while others are pescatarians or eat the Paleo diet.

Another misconception comes with the Kundalini experience. My mom was watching a documentary about this last night and while she was watching she was being very judgmental towards herself. She felt that since she had never had this experience then she must not be truly Ascending. This is not so! Many experience this process because they need to in order to begin their Ascension. Then there are those who do not need it. One does not make you more Spiritual than the other. It merely is what it is. The thing to remember is that you are all on your own unique Spiritual paths and should not be comparing yourselves to others. The best thing to do is not really be concerned with the path of others. Merely concern yourself with your own path. That does not mean you cannot share your experiences with one another but do not concern yourself with others. This is where the problem begins and you begin to question and doubt your journey. This is not a competition and should never be treated as such. The most important thing to remember is that you must be loving and helpful towards one another. Support one another yet put your path in the front of your mind. There is no one way that is better than the other! It merely depends on what your circumstances are and what you decided to experience.

Your diet, wardrobe, lifestyle, experiences, etc. does not determine if you are a Spiritual person. What does determine this is the love you have for the other beings in the Universe, acceptance and awareness. You must not judge others based on what you perceive on their outside. The only people who can know where they are on their Spiritual journey is that individual themselves. But we must never forget where we come from and that we are One! This is the most import thing to know. – John