This is wonderful!

Gnarly Shanti

I’ve just had a very interesting conversation with Howell.

He believes that we’re not all able to achieve happiness to the same degree because “we’re not all mentally wired for it”. He told me that our understandings are so warped by society’s collective expectations that we, as individuals, lose sight of what is important to us. – “That can really fuck your head up.”

Howell spoke of the way that the media imposes “unattainable ideas of beauty and success” upon us for the entire duration of our lives. This happens to such a great extent that “nobody is happy with what they have”.

He said that he thinks “happiness and being content are the same thing really”. Howell is far more content than he was two years ago; when he first started sleeping on the streets. When I asked him why he thought that was he told me: “It’s about acceptance. People are so worried about…

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