Sunset in Novelty, Ohio, USA. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

Thankfully, my health has improved over the last few days and I am feeling much better. Emotionally I am also feeling like myself again. I feel as if I am thinking much more clearly and am more organized.

Also, I finally received my new laptop and have an exclamation point key again!!!!! I love this laptop and it is perfect me. It is small, light and simple. The best part for me is the simple part. I hate having to mess with complicated technology because I do not understand it and then John has to explain to me how to do it. I miss the days when he would do it himself physically. Channeling him for anything regarding technology really zaps my energy.

For some reason, recently I have been experiencing many synchronicities. I began to notice this a couple months ago. Whenever I had something I wanted to blog about, I would find that another blogger just wrote about it. It is as if everyone is on the same page and going through similar things. The problem is that every time this happens I am afraid to blog about what I originally intended for fear the other bloggers would think I am stealing their ideas and copying them.

I also noticed that this emotional roller coaster I have been on, many others are going through also. I am not sure why this is or what is going on but appears many are receiving messages and lessons from Spirit that can be a bit challenging.

The other day I mentioned that I was so sick that I slept all of Monday and well into Tuesday. My normal time to awaken is 7:00 am but I slept until 11:00 am on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning another blogger wrote that she slept for an extended period of time that was fairly similar to the time frame and days that I was sleeping. I remember thinking what a synchronicity that was.

Yesterday I was in the herb shop to purchase a tea strainer for my son’s girlfriend. The woman who works at the shop was showing me the different tea strainers they have available. She pointed out her favorite to me, which was shaped like a green apple with a large leaf on top. As I am checking out, my brother sends me a text saying, “look at this tea strainer!” The photograph was of the shop employee’s favorite tea strainer. My brother enjoyed the synchronicity.

Last night my ex-husband and I were having a conversation about the problems my family has. In the middle of the conversation my brother calls. Lately he has been calling about things that are drama free and usually fun stuff so I was not expecting that my brother’s call would be exactly what Bryce and I were discussing at that very moment.

I have been dealing with emotional ups and downs for the past seven months. I am hoping this is coming to end but one can never be sure. The past few weeks have been particularly difficult but this morning I realized why I was being put through this test lately. My brother’s phone call was about some family drama that is occurring at the moment. I had promised myself that I would be present for my siblings, nieces and nephews should they need to talk but I would not get sucked back in. Dramas are very common in my family and my Spirit Guides knew another drama would occur at some point. They wanted to make sure that I would be strong and stand my ground.

I believe that I passed this test. Although, I did have a lengthy conversation with my brother last night and texted my brother and sister this morning, I did not carry the problems with me. I listened and gave them my advice, for what it is worth. Afterwards, I let it go and carried on with my day without giving the problems much thought. I need to do this for my welfare and my son’s, Christian.

In the past I would not have been able to let it go. I would think about it for days or weeks on end. There would be many lengthy conversations with family members. It would consume my every waking moment. – Michelle