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“The world as dreamed and the world as lived cross-pollinate each other.”

– Marc Ian Barasch

Have you ever wondered why you dream what you dream?

Profound, strange, and often otherworldly, our dreams seem to be totally elusive experiences. Many of us believe they’re random and hold no meaning, brushing them off as soon as we wake up and forgetting about them forever.

Here’s a thought:

Our dreams are actually incredibly insightful.

I know, I know. It’s just a thought.

If you can, stick with me and you might find yourself agreeing with me.

The History of Dreams

People have long been interested in dreams. Many ancients believed dreams were a way to communicate with the Gods, understand the cause and cure of physical ailments, heal emotional traumas, and receive guidance.

In ancient China, they believed dreams to be a window into a person’s condition. Because they recognized the importance of one’s…

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