I have been mulling these two concepts over in my mind as of late. They have come clashing together in my life recently and I am having trouble figuring out how they work together. I just cannot wrap my mind around it.

When I first began to study Spirituality I was so happy to learn about the freedom, choices and control we have over our own lives. I liked that we each have our own reality and, therefore, our own truth. We can take responsibility for our lives, how we respond to sitauations, etc.

I was enchanted with this because I never felt I had control over my life. I had to follow what others thought was right for me, whether I agreed or not. I had to believe as others said I should. I had to work where others said I should, etc.

I embraced Spirituality’s taking responsibility for your life. No matter what is ahead you can say yes to it or change it.

Then there is acceptance. Now, when I say acceptance, I have no doubt that many of you are thinking “as in accepting her son’s death.” WRONG! The people in this world who can do nothing but accept that someone has died are mediums. Unlike others, I cannot pretend John is doing his usual traveling around the world and this is the reason he is not here. No, although he was in a foreign country, I knew the moment he crossed over. He is constantly popping in and out of my house (mostly in), yet not in physical form. I can do nothing but accept he has crossed over.

Now that I have explained what I do not mean, let me explain what I do mean by acceptance.

I have recently been told by my Higher Self that I need to accept who I am, my abilities and my destiny.  Worse yet, there was mention of accepting the possibility of postponing my exit point. Huge NO WAY!

There was a time I was very excited about my chosen destiny; however, due the events over the past seven months, I have lost interest, desire and motivation. I have said the plan is off.

Now, these two situations do not add up for me. This is why I have been thinking on them so much.

As I was writing this, my son, John, kept trying to interrupt me. I was getting very aggravated because this is my blog post and not his. He was persistent, however, so I listened to what he had to say. He informed me that I was told that I needed to accept these things as a test to see if I would stand my ground.

Be alert when these Spiritual lessons come upon you! They are conniving and tricky lessons.

There are a couple of reasons you have not heard from John lately. One is that I am so upset with my Spirit team that I do not feel like speaking with anyone. The second is a lack of computer. John could dictate and I could type it out but I do not have that much patience and my days of being a secretary are long over (thankfully). He could use my hands to text it into the phone but it is difficult enough for me to text for myself. No matter how much of a semi-trance I put myself in, John has difficulty getting his mother’s chubby finger to hit the correct key. He has texted many times since crossing over but I do not enjoy it and it zaps too much of my energy. So after the new laptop arrives, I will see how things go. I am sure he will be posting again soon. – Michelle