There is much turmoil today with regards to who is in power, particularly in the United States. You must understand that you hold the power, not them. The mass consensus is much more powerful than the world leaders because the mass consensus is larger. The problem is that the mass consensus is unaware of this. They believe that they have no power and must acquiesce to those who are in power. The people must begin to realize how powerful they truly are.

The Spirit Realm is actually very unconcerned with who is in power. We are aware that the true power lies with the masses and they will figure this out eventually. We understand that what is happening now is merely a wake up call to humanity. The problems of this world are being exposed right now. The people are being shown what is truly going on and soon the people will come to a point where they will decide that the are no loner going to put up with it.

This will not  occur just in the United Sates, but world wide. There are countries where it is already happening. This may seem frightening; however, this is actually a very good thing. There is no reason that people need to put up with misbehavior from their governments or religions. They must be held accountable and the only way that this will happen will be through people speaking up.

The people who you perceive as bad are not truly bad but merely playing a role in the matrix. There are no good and bad people. People merely are and they must play the role they were assigned before incarnating. What is occurring is not a bad thing in the perception of the Spirit Realm. It merely is and must occur for change to take place. There is no one that Source hates. Source does not hate crooked politicians, gays, lesbians, alcoholics, drug addicts, etc. Those who spout what God hates are merely trying to justify their own actions and feel superior to others. Source is unconditional love, without stipulations. This is why you must be the same, because you are part and parcel of Source.

We must understand that the future is never set in stone. This is because people have the power to change it should they choose. The mass consensus is like one large consciousness and they can manifest the future that they want. Whatever you are told is going to happen in the future can be changed through manifestation. There are many who are saying that the planet is heading for destruction or that humans will become extinct. You have the power to change this. The events occurring are showing you what could happen and that you can change it as a whole of humanity. The choice is up to you. Give in and believe that the planet will be destroyed or humanity will become extinct and it will happen or change the reality of this planet and humanity.

Be patient and loving but take peaceful action against what it is you feel is wrong. – John