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“Nature Fairy” Spirit Art by Michelle and Tina Schill

We have not posted much over the last couple of days. The first reason is that I have not been well yesterday and today. I spent the majority of yesterday sleeping and, although, I am feeling a bit better today, I am still not 100%.

I have spent the last couple of weeks planning and working on my new business. The last few days I have been trying to set up the website while being sick. This only adds to John’s frustration. Even in good health I am technologically illiterate so John has had his work cut out for him.

When John was in the Physical Realm, he would immediately pick up my laptop upon entering the house. He would then look at me in disgust and say “moooom”. Then he would proceed to clean up whatever mess I had made of it. If my computer needed work of some sort, John would always take care of it.

Things are different now. Now I must channel him to get help with my computer. What usually happens is that I become nervous and frustrated when working with technology which will then impede my channeling. This has been happening quite a bit over the last two days and I could actually feel John’s frustration. However, we did get the website off to a good start.

We have it set up the way I want it but it is not complete yet and I am unsure if it is working properly or not. So far I only have two items listed for sale but there are many more to come.

I have connected this blog with my website shop/blog and vice versa. I have also put the links on both showing recent posts. So I guess I will see how it goes.  – Michelle