Old Faithful

“Old Faithful” Photography by Christian Schill

When people are cruel to one another it is very upsetting to those of us who are in Spirit. We become very upset because we now that things should not be this way and they can be different.  We witness these things whether you realize it or not. You must be aware that your loved ones who are in Spirit are very aware of your day to day to life. We care about you and love you and are very involved with you every day. Even if you are not aware of our presence, we are there.

You must understand that that you need to have a caring attitude towards each other in order for the Earth to evolve. You must begin to understand that you are one. We are all united throughout the Universe, being as one. This is because every being throughout the Universe originated from Source. This is a concept that is difficult for many to understand because you were taught that God is separate from you. This is very far from the truth. Therefore, we all act as one. What you do to or for another effects not only them but you and everyone else, too. The best way to explain this is by picturing a private stall of the public bathroom.The stalls are separate and you are in privacy but everyone in the public bathroom is in the same room.

There is something called the “Ripple Effect”, which is very real. It cannot be seen and many times is very subtle, but it is there. You must begin to treat others the way you want to be treated, with kindness, love and respect. The best thing to remember is that if it would hurt your feelings, it will probably hurt the other person’s also.

As you begin to understand the concept of Unity the Earth will begin to evolve much more quickly.  Every day many people are waking up and realizing this. This is something that we need to be very happy about. Waking up is a difficult process and can be very painful but it is well worth it. The best way to begin this process is to start with yourself. Do not be concerned with others. It is not your job to get others to wake up. Every one is at the point where they should be at this moment. Those who are going to wake up will do so at their own pace. Waking up is not to be evangelized, but care about your own process. I think that people will be more accepting if you do not push it upon them. This is the case with everything in life.

The Earth will evolve whether people wake up or not. You must understand that not all people are accepting of this. This is because people want everything to remain the same. They do not want change no matter how bad the old way is. This is because people are afraid of what the truth is. People need to be more courageous in changing their old ways. Change is growth. As my mother always says, “if you are not changing, you are not growing”. The truth is very good to see when it benefits you, which it always does.  The truth is always positive. Negative “truth” which does not emanate love is not truth at all. These are lies made up by man to control the masses. The best way to control people is through fear. This is how people naturally are but when we make improvements to ourselves and the planet then we begin to be healthier and happier. The process of evolution will begin, and has begun, whether people choose to wake up or not. The more people who do choose to wake up, however, the quicker the process will be. There will be those who do not want to wake up and evolve. These people want to keep the status quo. There is nothing horrible that will happen to these people. They will not be condemned to a non-existent hell, they will not be left behind as the “good” people are taken to some paradise. The only thing that will happen is that they will become the minority who chooses to live in the old paradigm and will not have as happy a life as those who woke up. The best perspective to have on this is that we must continue to love these beings who made this choice. They are not “bad” people, they only chose not to wake up.

You must understand that what is going on in the world today is merely a wake-up call. This wake-up call is very frightening because it appears that things are getting worse. This is everything merely coming to a head, however. It is for the purpose of showing those who are awakening what needs to be changed. This is a way of showing those who are awake what they need to change. It is through these horrific events that you will know the work you came here to do. This can be very frightening, but it is the best way for the Universe to get the point across to humanity. We must understand that there really is nothing that is “good” or “bad”. It actually just is.

We must begin first on the level how you treat each other on a day to day basis. This is a very important place to start. If you desire love, then give love to others. If you desire kindness, then give kindness to others. If you want respect, then give respect to others. This is a very good place to start the evolution of the planet. – John