John and Aunt Marie. You can never trust the two of them together.

There are many good cooks in my family. Everything I learned about cooking, I learned my mother, my grandmother and my Aunt Marie. By the time I came around, my grandmother’s health was poor and she did not have much energy to cook as much as used to but she taught me how to make her tuna casserole with homemade noodles. My mom, of course, taught me quite a bit (she makes the best sauce ever).

My Aunt Marie taught me something that would be invaluable during my life as a single mother. She taught me how to cook creatively. This served me well because there have been many times I did not have much food in my kitchen, but because of her, I could use what I did have and make delicious meals and it is rare that I use recipes. When I do use a recipe I end up altering it.

Aunt Marie made the best pasta e fagioli I have ever had in my life. I have had this Italian soup many times since she crossed over, never any as delicious as hers. I have not had her soup since she crossed over 26 years ago and have missed it immensely. My Aunt popped in yesterday when John and I were laughing over a family joke about her (she had Don King hair).  Of course, she showed up to tell me that is no way to speak about your aunt and she joined us in our laughter. It was then that I had the  thought she that she could tell me how to her make her pasta e fagioli (duh).

So this afternoon, she and I made the soup. She gave me brief pointers before I began cooking and then while I was cooking she told me what to do. Of course, Mr. Stanton had to put his two cents in. While I was putting the pasta up to boil I asked my aunt if it was enough. I felt someone pushing my hand with the box of pasta in it to add even more pasta. I said, “Aunt Marie, I thought you said half the box.” It was then that I heard John laughing. He was the one pushing my hand. I said, “John Patrick, you stop it right now. You are pissing your mother off.”

Anyway, the soup looks and tastes just like my Aunt Marie’s. It is a success.

By the way, I must give a shout out to my other aunt, Aunt Rose. She made the best pizza ever. I also missed her pizza very much after she transitioned and I made effort to duplicate it. This took years because I forgot I could speak to Spirit. One day, I made pizza and it turned out just like Aunt Rose’s. I inadvertently channeled her to help me make pizza. Just like Aunt Rose’s pizza, my pizza is highly requested by my son and my nieces and nephews. If they know I am making pizza, they will show up. If they are planning on coming to my house, they request that I make pizza. Thank you, Aunt Rose. – Michelle