John - Baby and Adult

John, 12 months and 24 years old.

I recently read a blog post where the writer mentioned a movie called Arrival. It sounded interesting so I ordered it from the library. I just finished watching it and felt the need to write about it a bit.

I was expecting a movie about aliens arriving on Earth to help advance or save humanity. On the surface that is what it is about; however, it is much deeper than that. It is so deep that I really do not think I could truly describe the movie and give it justice. I highly recommend that you watch this movie.

For me, this movie was more about time, or the lack thereof. I believe that I perceive the movie this way because the main character is a grieving mother and I can relate to her. It is not only that she is a grieving mother but that she “sees” the future.

When the beings from another planet arrive, you assume this occurs shortly after her daughter crosses over due to a rare form of cancer. The reason for this is that as this happening she is having memories of her daughter’s birth, life and death. She also appears to behave as a newly grieving mother.

The government enlists her to decipher the language of these beings and communicate with them. It is one of these beings who tells she has this “gift” of seeing into the future. When all is said and done, the man she works closely with in communicating with the beings is the man she falls in love with and marries. He is the father of her child who crossed over.

It appeared as if her life went in a full circle. In the movie she starts out as a single, grieving mother who is divorced. At the end she meets the father of her child and proceeds with the relationship to give birth to the child.

It occurred to me that she knew all along that her child would transition before her but she did it all anyway. The main character writes to her daughter: “This is the beginning of your story. Although I know the story, I will go though it knowing how it ends. I will cherish every moment of it.” This brings tears to my eyes.

This bring tears to my eyes because she is me. I knew all along how the story would end but I did it anyway. I cherish every moment of John’s life and, given the chance, I would do it all again.

This movie made me think that is probably along the lines of how premonition works. How we “see” the future. How I always knew John would transition before me. How I have always known when I will transition. We may not all do it in the same way but it is the same principle. – Michelle