I think this is a good follow up to John’s post of earlier today.

Unbreakable JOY

kindnessrolemodelMy initial effort to find a kindness role model for week 4 of the Kindness Challenge nosedived. This flop became a lesson relearned in Coffee, Dark – Kindness Challenge week 4. I was reminded that kindness surrounds me and my simple and easy task is to allow it into my life. And as soon as I opened to the kindness in my life, a kindness role model appeared.

It became evident that she was a kindness role model as I was driving to meet her. I noticed that I felt a sense of peace and contentment. As the trees passed along the route, I pondered how these feelings revealed that kindness was part of this person. Reflecting on our past interactions, she demonstrated kindness when she deeply listened, contributed valuable feedback, or responded authentically.

After the hellos, we organically engaged in a meaningful and deep conversation. Allowing each other to…

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