Forsyth and Stanton Streets

John’s and Phil’s streets. Kudos to Phil.

What I have to say this evening is my perspective, my feelings, the way I view this subject and what I have learned from the Spirit Realm. Again, if anything I say does not resonate with you then just leave it behind. It is our right to do so as we all have different life experiences (realities).

We have been a Spirit long before we incarnated. Long before we were human. Even long before our first incarnation, wherever that might have been and in whatever form. Since we are Spirit first and human second, how can we not be connected to the Spirit Realm? Would it not be natural to be drawn to others who are in our true form and reside in our true home? This is natural that we would be connected to Spirit. Because we are Spirit and we originate from the Source Spirit.

People receive communication from the Spirit Realm on a regular basis whether they realize it or not. It is much more common than people think. A couple of years ago another grieving mother said to me “it either happens or it does not.” I was like, “uuhhhmmm, no.” What happens or does not happen is your frame of mind. How open you are. How alert you are. How sensitive you are to feeling the presence and promptings of Spirit. Spirit is communicating with you all the time. It is all up to you.

My father crossed over at the age of 58. My mother will very frequently voice her wonder at why my father has not given her signs or tried to reach out to her. The thing is my dad has tried but my mom is not open enough to “hear” him. Many people say just what my mom does after losing a loved one. Make no mistake that your loved is trying to reach out to you. I know, because I have to shoo many of them way when they try to get me to give messages to you.

When I was active in a mother’s grief support group on Facebook, an unfortunate occurrence took place a few months after I joined (I should say yet another unfortunate occurrence took place). John’s best friend’s aunt found herself in the nightmarish position of needing to join us. I happened to be friends on Facebook with John’s friend. This young man posted a photo he took in New York. He was very excited because he found cross streets whose names were both his surname and John’s. Of course, I had to share it with the ladies in the group and tagged this young man’s aunt. We were all impressed and overjoyed.

I just had to ask John how he managed this. I told him how impressed I was with this feat of his. He responded with “it was not me, mom. Phil was open to Spirit and walked in the direction I was telling him to. It was all Phil’s doing.” I must inform you that Phil has no interest or belief in Spirits whatsoever, yet he was open and “heard” John’s prompting. This brought joy and relief of grief for not only Phil but all of us grieving mothers.

Even someone who believes there is nothing after this physical life can be open to Spirit and they do not realize it. Spirit will communicate with non-believers also. There is no prerequisite for belief for Spirit to interact.  The problem comes when someone is so closed they never “hear” or feel Spirit. Then Spirit will eventually give up.

Even the most subtle signs from Spirit are important and should be cherished. Be open. Do not over analyze. If you think it might be from Spirit, it most likely is. Show your appreciation and thank the Spirit who exerted much energy to reach out to you in love. – Michelle