“The Purple Fairy” Spirit Art by Michelle and Tina Schill

The Spirits that surround you are there for a reason. It is their intention to help you  navigate through your daily life. When there are decisions to be made or choices to be made, their input can be very helpful.

You must understand that not everyone “hears” Spirit in the same manner. This is perfectly fine because when you incarnate you do so as a unique being, even though we are all one. There is no way to hear Spirit that is better than another. It is all up to what works best for you. People are very individual in the ways in which they can “hear” Spirit. Some can literally hear them, while others can feel them.

Hearing them is a little more direct and for those who can do this the process is less difficult to decipher. The reason is because they can actually hear the voice of Spirit either audibly or telepathically. My mom usually hears us telepathically but can, on occasion, hear us audibly. People such as these can hear exactly what Spirit’s  recommendations are.

For those who feel Spirit, they need to refine their skills more to a sharpened point. Feeling Spirit is a very good way to communicate for those who are uncomfortable with direct Spirit Communication. Everyone has access to Spirit no matter their belief system. For those whose interior belief system continues to tell them it is wrong, feeling Spirit is much better for them.

Many people who can feel Spirit can tell what Spirit is saying by feeling the emotions that Spirit is sending forth. My mother can do this as well hear Spirit. When I have a very strong emotion, she can feel that and tell what it is I am saying. The best part is that she can tell when I roll my eyes at her even when she cannot see me. This is actually how communication works in the Spirit Realm. We do not use words, per se, in the Spirit Realm. Everything is communicated through emotion. Those who can feel Spirit are already ahead of the game.

We must understand that Spirit can be very helpful in our day to day lives. My mom is currently setting up a new business. The input of all of her Spirit Guides and children in Spirit has been very helpful in this endeavour. The Spirit Guides told her whether this would be a good thing for her to be doing. It is along the lines of her life’s purpose and more able to work in bringing in the extra income that she needs.This is all because it is along the lines of her life purpose.

When it comes to the technological side of the business, I am the one who helps with this. In my physical life, I was very much a techie and always helped my mother with her computer and her phone. I am now doing this from the Spiritual Realm which is very helpful for her business.

My brother, Ricky, is very much into photography. He has been helping our mother improve her photography and they have a lot fun doing this together. My mom calls this Spirit Photography. My brother will tell my mother where to find a good photo opportunity and she will go and take the photo as he directs. When my mom is editing, Ricky helps her with that also.

My sister,Tina, helps our mom with her drawings. My mom is very good with drawing and she sometimes does this in conjunction with Spirit. This is called Spirit Art or Spirit Drawing. There are many mediums who do this but they all have different ways in how it works for them. My will sometimes draw with other Spirits but most of the time it is with my sister.

My youngest brother, Zearab, who is not in spirit but a hybrid child of my mom’s, is going to help my mom with an advanced races or hybrid line for her new shop. This will probably be done through channeling and Spirit Art, even though Zearab is not in Spirit at this moment. Advanced races have the ability to do this, even though humans have not yet learned how to do this.

There are many ways that a Spirit can help you. It can be anything from making business decisions to everyday mundane tasks. There is nothing wrong with relying on Spirit for help as long you do not stop using your intuition to make decisions. – John