Mother's Day 2017 IX

“The Bridge To Your Higher Self” Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

You must be aware that you have a Higher Self. There are many who refer to the Higher Self as the Soul. This is perfectly acceptable for many reasons. First, the Higher Self is the Soul and either terminology will work fine. The other important reason is that words and labels are not important in the Spirit Realm as there are no words or labels or even hierarchy, contrary to popular belief. We must realize that these labels and hierarchies were put in place by humanity to help them better understand the Spirit Realm.

You must understand the difference between the Spirit and the Soul. The difference is much more simple than people realize. My mother has asked many clergy people the difference between a Spirit and a Soul and could never receive a satisfactory answer even from them. The most concise answers are received from the Spirit Realm itself. The most accurate answers always come directly from the horse’s mouth.

You must be very aware that people who are educated about these matters are not always correct, which is why it is so important to go and seek the answers for yourself instead of relying on others. When something does not feel right to you, you have the right to toss it away. There is no Celestial Law that says you have to accept every Spiritual Teaching, including ours.

The Higher Self is very important to get you through the most difficult times of your life. You came into this life with Spiritual amnesia but your Higher Self remembers your life plan clearly and will be able to help you along your way. Many people do not realize this and the fact is that people need to know this in order to have a more smooth and efficient life.

The Higher Self is very important because it is the true you. The Higher Self is your true essence in its purest form. The problem is that people do not realize that they are their Higher Self. They tend to think of the Higher Self as a separate entity. This is very far from the truth.

You must understand that you are part and parcel of the Higher Self. You must remember that your incarnations are not really who you are now individually but a part of who you are now. Every incarnation comes from the Higher Self. Therefore, although each life is different, there are characteristics that are the same or similar.


The Higher Self is very much a part of Source because it originates from Source. Therefore, you emanate from Source, which means that you are part of Source and Source is part of you. The point is that you are not separate from God. When your Higher Self decides that it wants to have physical experiences it will then sort of “pinch off” from the whole, which is Source or God. After this it will then decide on individual incarnations which will produce the experiences the Higher Self wishes to have.

Each individual incarnation is then “pinched off” from the Higher Self, similar to the Higher Self “pinching off” from Source. This is very important to understanding the unity of the Universe. Everything comes from Source which makes every being united and one. This is a very important point to understand because this is the point which will improve and evolve the planet. The individual incarnations are very much part of the plan that the Higher Self wishes to accomplish. Each life may appear to be very different and unique but it actually is not. They are very connected and each a step in the plan. There is no reason to feel that any life was a failure or worthless. This is not possible as every life serves a purpose no matter what occurs in that life. No life is a mistake or a waste.

During these incarnations we set along a path to accomplish what the Higher Self would like to accomplish. This varies from life time to life time, or it would appear so. You must understand that each incarnation is very much the same Higher Self yet very individualistic at the same time. This is not something that is easily understood because the basic principle is very simple yet people want to make things complicated to underscore its importance. The simple things are very important and there is no need to complicate them.

Each incarnation comes in with its own characteristics that differ from the other incarnations. The point is that you not only have very different personalities in each life but very different purposes that lead to the ultimate goal of the Higher Self. The other point is that you have personality characteristics that are very similar, too. This is very interesting because there are people who think that they are not the same being in each life; however, they are different yet the same. This is because there are Soul characteristics or characteristics of the Higher Self, which remain the same in each incarnation. There are other people who believe that their personality remains the same in each incarnation. This is not true but there are always very strong similarities. The characteristics that differ are the ones which are needed to fulfill the purpose in that particular lifetime.

We must understand that there are effects which carry from lifetime to lifetime. For instance, there may have been a trauma in a previous incarnation which is still effecting this lifetime. This is very common but many are not aware of this. These could be small subtle things or very important and large issues. This is something that varies between each person and Higher Self.

Remembering past incarnations is not an easy thing to do. Most people do not remember the other incarnations that their Higher Selves have experienced. Others have a memory of them while others are reminded through past life regression or by having a strong connection with the Spirit Realm in which they are reminded of their past lives. There is no difference in how you remember. There is no one way that is better than the others. However one remembers is perfectly fine.

While remembering your past lives is important to being healthy in this life, you must remember that it is this life now which is most important. Being overly obsessed with a past life is not really healthy for this life. Use the information to improve upon this life but do not remain living in the past lives. – John