Chagrin River, Gates Mills

The Chagrin River, Gates Mills, Ohio, USA. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

I have never been good with remembering or deciphering my dreams; therefore, I never put much importance on them. Over the past seven years I have suffered from ME/CFS, which contributed to my attitude towards my dream life, or lack thereof. Recently, my health has been improving by leaps and bounds and my dreams are becoming more clear and I am able to remember them better. I still have no skill at deciphering their meanings, however, and I must ask my Higher Self for help with this. She will be assisting me with my writing today.

This morning I awoke immediately after having a dream. A phrase in this dream stuck with me and I felt very strongly that it was important and something I needed to write about. The phrase was “being a mother or father is not as important as being a brother or sister”.

I found this a bit a shocking as a mother. I feel my role as mother to be the most important role in my life and I needed an explanation about this dream. I will begin to have my Higher Self write from here on in.

In the dream I was with my family on vacation. I found myself with my siblings on a river boat. We were talking about whether it is more important to be a parent or a sibling. Our family life was not the best as children so I thought this was what the dream was about.

While we were talking I saw my grandmother approach from across the river. She has always been very wise and I confided in her quite a bit as a child. I asked her what she thought and she responded with “being a mother or father is not as important as being a brother or sister”. I was surprised to hear my grandmother say this because in our family there was always a hierarchy. The older generations received respect and reverence no matter how poor their behavior was. They were right under every and all circumstances. We were taught that they were more important than the younger generations.

When I awoke I asked my Higher Self to explain the dream. The dream was because I needed to understand that my role as a sister is important to my family but I must also understand that my role as a sister to the entire planet is also important. This message is not only for me but for everyone.

The reason for this is because as siblings we are more connected on a level that is equal rather than there being a hierarchy of power and respect. As siblings we are on a more equal playing field than we are with the generation above us. The meaning is important in understanding that we need to help each other through this physical life because it is so very difficult.

When we perceive each other as having rank, where one person is above the other, having more power and more deserving of respect, we become unapproachable to others. We must begin to view ourselves and others as we are viewed in the Spiritual Realm: being equal and as deserving as anyone else with a high title. When we begin to understand this we can become more approachable to each other and therefore be able to help one another during our trials and struggles.

We must begin to do away with the caste system that is so prevalent still in our society. Money does not determine your worth. Title does not determine your worth. Education does not determine your worth. Your worth comes from the fact that you are a Spiritual Being who is apart of Source and one with the entire Universe – Michelle and Higher Self