Journeys in Spirit

Some people are never alone in the quiet libraries of their minds and the open meadows of their hearts; while other people are lonely despite being overtly adored and surrounded by family and friends.

Some people embrace vulnerability while sitting in dusty bookstores, or wandering alone through the trees; while others hide in plain sight, wearing masks of steel and vying for center stage.

Sometimes confidence means being comfortably quiet in a world that’s spinning out of control, while fear means speaking often, jovially, and loud.

There are times when bravery looks like a cozy corner away from the noise, despite the snickers and sneers of those who don’t understand, while cowardice dances wildly wearing a cloak of confidence and a string of painted smiles.

Rebellion sometimes dresses in ambivalence and modesty, while conformity dons the current fashion of those who want to rebel; and security can sometimes be mistaken…

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