“Country Living I” Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

As I have mentioned before, I am just not that good with Astral Projection. I leave my body but it is rare that I can see clearly and my awareness sucks. I have recently discovered that the best time for me to practice is right before I fall asleep for the night. After climbing into bed I read for awhile because it is a pastime that I truly enjoy. This causes me to become very relaxed and helps with Astral Projection. I have heard that many people have no problem going OOB during the day. They lay down when they are feeling a bit tired and off they go, no matter what time of day. Not me.

By practicing at night and taking the advice of a fellow blogger, things have been improving. The advice from this blogger was to ask my Spirit Guides to help me when I want to Astral Project. There is a huge a difference when I do this and things are beginning to progress.

However, I messed up the other night. Apparently, by the time I put down my book I was just a little too tired. I asked my Spirit Guides for assistance and I was doing my usual bobbing up and down when I suddenly felt very strong hands lift me up from under the arms. This is the first time I have had this happen. I felt myself being swept out of my body when suddenly……zzzzzz.


“Country Living II” Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

Naturally, I thought I had a dream but I questioned my Higher Self and Spirit Guides about the incident. My Higher Self told me that I was not dreaming but was attempting to Astral Project when I was too tired and fell asleep in the middle of the excitement. My Guides said that they felt that I am ready to truly Astral Travel now and were, indeed, lifting me out from under my arms. I said, “wow, you guys are strong.” They responded, “yes, we are.”

So, I am going to give it another go and hopefully stay awake for it.

This all happened a couple nights ago. Of course, last night how could a mom possibly Astral Travel when her Spirit son is busy tickling her feet? It is very difficult to calm the mind enough to Astral Project when you are laughing and giggling and begging your son to stop. The more I laughed and asked him to stop, the more he did it. He found this so amusing that he thought he would give it a couple goes this afternoon. I feel it is very unfair that John can tickle my feet when they are flat on the ground. – Michelle