This is me being silly when I was little. I am even sillier in the Spirit Realm.

Most people believe that interacting with Spirits must always be serious. This is certainly not the case. There are times when the interaction is serious and then there are times when it is not. There is a time and place for everything.

When there are many lessons to be learned, then those are the times to be serious. But playtime is perfectly fine also. We must have breaks as well those who are incarnated.

There are many ways in which a Spirit enjoys having fun with those who are incarnated. There are many times when we want to merely get your attention. During those times we will do things such as move inanimate objects, touch your hands or face, or appear out of the corner of your eye. Many people think that when they see someone out of the corner of their eye and they cannot see that person straight on, then their eyes are playing tricks on them. No, not at all. We are really there. The problem is that the human eye is equipped to see a very limited range. Those who are not clairvoyant can best see us out of the corner of their eye.

I have played many tricks on my family, particularly my mother and secondly my brother. Once when my brother was walking past his bedroom door, I appeared in his bedroom. When he looked straight on he did not see me and assumed his eyes were playing tricks on him. When he mentioned this to our mother, she began to laugh because she knew I was playing tricks on Christian. When Christian returned to school after my memorial service, I appeared to him by making one of the other students look like me for a moment. Again, my mom laughed when he mentioned this to her.

With my mom, I am always teasing her because she can hear me perfectly. Sometimes she will actually get aggravated with me if I do it too much. It feels very much like when I was in the Physical Realm and I would tease her too much. I have moved things right in front of her eyes and have appeared sitting in my chair in the living room. The other things I have done are make things disappear when she is looking for them and then make them reappear again. I have made her lip balm roll out of her purse and onto the car floor and made her dresser make weird noises. When my mom was sitting on the couch having her coffee, I kept making her lip balm roll back and forth across the coffee table. One night I threw a plastic disk across her kitchen (throwing things in the house has never been permitted). I often make weird sounds throughout her house, which she is very aware is me fooling around. Last night I kept tickling her feet as she was trying to fall asleep. She kept laughing and telling me to stop.

One time I made  her so angry that she put the entire Spirit World in time out. She would not communicate with any of us for days.

With someone who is like my mother, being very open to the Spirit Realm, it is very easy to do these things. My mom, and others like her, know what is going on and will tease and interact with those of us who are in Spirit. This makes it all the more fun for Spirits. – John