Mother's Day 2017 XII

“The Fishing Pond II” Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

Many people do not believe that they need an awareness of Spirit to improve their lives. This is not so and you must learn that you need Spirit to guide you through your lives. This is why you have Spirit Guides. If you are not aware of Spirits then you are not aware of your Guides.

Many believe that they only need their brain to function and maneuver through this physical life. The problem with this is that you are only relying on one aspect of your true essence, which consists of mind, body, and Spirit, and ignoring the rest. You are much more than your brain and your physical body. You must always remember that you are Spirit first and human second.

Relying on Spirit Guides is very important. You all have Spirit Guides for a reason. The reason is that you come into this life with Spiritual amnesia and forget the way things truly are. You must rely on them because you do not remember the truth. The truth is not what everyone believes it to be and Spirit Guides have full knowledge.

When you are able to have an awareness of Spirit, particularly your Spirit Guides, your life becomes much more easy to maneuver through. You obtain wisdom that will help you through your lives. This does not mean that their will not be hard times. The problem with not being aware is that you are living this life blindly. When you are aware of the Spirit Realm, you then have Spiritual eyes to see clearly with. You have difficult times in your lives for a reason. Without them you would not appreciate  the good times, you would never learn and grow. You must be very aware that there are Spirits around you at all times. This is very important because they surround for a reason.

Your Spirit Guides are there to teach and give knowledge. Your Angels are there for protection. Your Higher Selves are there to maintain the purpose of your lives. Your family and friends are there because they love you and want to support you.

Spirit Guides are the most important Spirits for maintaining a balanced and healthy life. You must remember that you are a very powerful being but since you have Spiritual amnesia you have forgotten this. The only reason that people have not paid attention to them is that many institutions teach that they either do not exist or are unimportant. There are reasons that you have been taught this way. When this knowledge is taken away from you, then your power is taken away. They have the most vast knowledge of any Spirits and their sole purpose is to guide Spirits who are incarnated. Yes, that means you.

We must understand that being aware of Spirits is very important. There is nothing evil, sinful or weird about it. How can this be if you are Spirit first? We must understand that being aware of Spirit is very normal and natural and it is the intent of Source/God/The Creator. The ones who have a problems with it are the ones who want to take away your power. – John