Mother's Day 2017 XI

“The Fishing Pond” Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

I am heaving a sigh of relief as I type this. This time of the year is finally over. Tomorrow I will be back to myself. This is my worst time of the year because my son crossed over on Mother’s Day. My second worst time of the year is the winter holidays. When I was pregnant with John my due date was Christmas Day. John’s birthday is December 22 and my son, Ricky, crossed over on December 11.

My not enjoying Christmas really has nothing to do with my sons crossing over. I dreaded Christmas as far back as I can remember. To me, nothing good ever comes out of the stress and chaos of that time. Sure, I have received many nice presents but material items pale in comparison to what is truly important. I no longer celebrate the winter holidays and find myself much more joyful in December.

Chagrin Falls. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

Since my most difficult part of Mother’s Day is in the morning, my youngest son, Christian, and I had planned to begin our day early to keep our minds occupied. Our plans had to be changed, however. His girlfriend was supposed to fly back to Finland on Saturday. When they arrived at the airport they found her flight had been delayed for 24 hours due to inclement weather in New York. This cut into our morning plans but our afternoon plans were still a go.

This made me realize that I needed to make plans for some serious self-care. Since these days I am an early riser, I thought the best thing to do was to stay awake as late as possible last night so that I would awaken late this morning. This plan was very effective. Before going to bed I made myself some lavender shortbread with some lavender tea. When I did arise in the morning I found myself very anxious so I decided to melt lavender wax in my wax warmers, take a hot shower and put the Gayatri Mantra on repeat and play that until Christian returned from the airport. This all worked very well for me. I am often teased about my obsession with lavender but it does work very well in calming me.

Self- care is very important during times such as this. Whether it is grief, depression, anxiety, etc, we need to focus on self-care. We incarnate to experience uniqueness; therefore, what works for me may not work for others. We must all discover what is the best method of self-care on your own. We must block out any criticism from those who do not agree with our methods. The only thing I know is that I, myself, would much rather use the above methods than take a sedative and be out of it for hours.

Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

Christian and I went to the Village Herb Shoppe Mother’s Day Open House when he arrived from the airport. After that we strolled around the quaint New England looking town which is just south of the town in which I live in. We stopped and picked up subs and walked across the street to enjoy our meal along the Chagrin River.

Christian then took me to a park which I never knew existed. He said hardly anyone realizes it is there and it is so beautiful. We hiked around there for awhile, enjoyed our Creator’s artwork and took photos. I now have another favorite park which has been barely touched by human hands.

Christian and I now spend quiet Mother’s Days alone together. For me it is much easier than having a huge get together. I just need my children on that day. The best gift I could ever receive is time with my children, whether they be incarnated or in Spirit. In the words of my grandpa, “the gang’s all here”. – Michelle

Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.