Eden's Spirit

Meditation – Truth In the Early Hours

The Truth comes in the quiet

The Truth is loud and clear

What are the answers you are needing?

What is the Truth that you Seek?

The Great Lie is that you are Separated

Separated from What?

The Truth, Peace, Abundance, The Life you Want, the Things that you Need, Your Creator, Spiritual Truth, a Spiritual Life

You are not Separated….You Never Were,

The only Separation Comes when We Forget

Sometimes, people can say, “I never knew that…”

The Answer is: “Yes, you did, you only forgot”

You may have not remembered since you were born here on Earth,

But in the Before, you knew, You only need to Remember….

Do not entangle yourselves with the needlessness of the Lie

The Lie that keeps you running in anxious circles for the purpose of not remembering

You are not Separated, You Never Were.


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