Lake Erie At Dusk May 11, 2017

“Lake Erie At Dusk” May 11, 2017. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

It was three years ago yesterday that I transitioned. The day I went back into the Spirit Realm was Mother’s Day 2011. At the time, I did not realize that it was Mother’s Day and I now regret doing this to my mom. She feels as if Mother’s Day will never be good for her again, although my brother does make the day special for her.

I think that people need to have a more in the moment attitude when they come upon these anniversary dates. This is a very difficult thing to do but you need to remember that, although the date on the calendar is the same, the day is not the same. It is a different day. A different moment in time. It is not the day that your loved one crossed over.

I understand how and why the day is difficult for my mom. She feels resentment when she sees other mothers enjoying Mother’s Day who have never “lost” a child. She thinks that she should not feel this way, but actually it is perfectly fine for her to feel this.

Mother’s Day is actually more difficult for my mom than May 11, which is the date that I actually transitioned. This is mostly due to the fact that my mom has started a tradition to help get her through the day.

Before I crossed over, I told my mom that when she was in Ann Arbor, which was my last place of residence, she needed to go to my favorite cafe, The Songbird, and have a vanilla fig Latte because I knew that she would like it. When she picked up my things she did this and loved the latte.

This made her decide that every year on May 11, she would go to Ann Arbor and have the latte. Some of our family joins her every year. The first year it was my brother and my aunt. Last year it was my aunt and this year it was my brother, his girlfriend and my cousin. Next year the 11th will be on a Friday and my mom and my brother are talking about turning the event into a camping trip.

My mom did very well yesterday and we all had a great time. We were able to take our time and enjoy ourselves. I say we because not only do family members in the Physical Realm join her, all the members of the family in the Spirit Realm do, too. This is something that we, on the other side of the veil, enjoy greatly.

My entire family in Spirit was there and my mom was very open yesterday. We were able to communicate with her very easily and it was a great time. Everyone was being very silly and teasing my mom and she teased us back.

Combining your grief with traditions and Spirituality helps to heal your grief more effectively. The truth is that you do not need to be  a psychic medium to do this. You can build your own traditions to celebrate your loved ones in Spirit whether or not you are a psychic medium. We need to have the correct attitude about the Spirit Realm in order to heal from grief in the best way possible. Believing that we continue on after our Physical lives is very important. When we have the attittude that this is the end and there is nothing after this, we experience a grief that is much more intense and will never heal. The truth is that grief really does not ever heal but it is something that you can live with and is less severe when you know about theSpirit Realm. If you keep an open mind and heart you will be able to see the signs they send you and you will know that they are there with you. Spirits very much enjoy these family activities. – John