This is so beautiful and should be taught in every school on the planet. This is what I call true life skills. I always find this teacher so fascinating.


This work week has been very interesting. Monday was rough! VERY rough! I literally wanted to go to my car and never return! 💯
As a result, Tuesday was more emotional than usual due to the retrograde of 5 planets last month and the full moon in Scorpio this week. But God always knows what we need at just the right time. He sent me three students that I love me and they also love me back. They are awake and hungry for conscious wisdom. They asked how I was doing and if I was okay when they sensed something bothering me. Instead of being “strong”, I decided to share so I told them the truth-
How I get so frustrated coming to work and being trapped in a room with people that are consistently disrespecting me.

How mad it makes me that they get little to no discipline from…

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