“Apple Blossoms” Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

Many people are unaware that Spirits actually want to have a relationship with them. They think that the two Realms are mutually exclusive, when actually they are not. The are very much intermingled and interact frequently.

Spirits have many reasons of why they want to have relationships with those who are incarnated. The first of them being the  relationships they have had with with them in the past in the both the Physical Realm and the Spirit Realm.

The people who are your family and friends in the Physical  Realm are also your Spirit family in the Spirit Realm.  We chose to incarnate together in order to help each other accomplish what we came here to do. Even those that we do not get along with are in our Spirit family or group. Just because there is someone who you do not get along with does not mean that there is not much love between the two of you in the Spirit Realm.

The other reason that Spirits want to have relationships with incarnated beings is to assist and guide them. This task is not limited to your Spirit Guides, but includes family, friends and acquaintances. You must understand that when a loved one crosses over, they still have deep feelings for you and want to maintain their relationship with you and help you in any way that they can.

There are also those who want to communicate with people who have stronger psychic abilities in order to ask those people to give messages to their loved ones. Many Spirits are desperate to do this and need to be reminded that there are boundaries which must be kept. The thing is that they want to be heard and acknowledged. The other thing is that they truly want to continue their relationships with those they left behind. It is impolite for a medium to approach just anyone and give them a message. Many people either do not believe in these things or they believe it is sinful. Others do not really want to hear from their loved one who has crossed over and, still others, are very closed to to Spiritual matters. There are those who want to be left in the dark and do not really care to hear bout Spirituality. When a medium approaches merely anyone with a message, they run the risk of upsetting the receiver. This is why you will often hear mediums ask the receiver if they wish to receive the message first.

The reason that many people believe that they have not received messages is because they have the habit of over analyzing the messages and signs they receive.  When a Spirit reaches out to a human, what often happens is that the human will be receptive at first and then begin to wonder if there was not something in the Physical Realm which caused the occurrence. They will do this until they have themselves convinced that Spirit did not send them a sign or message. You must be very open minded in order to receive the messages that Spirit is sending. Everyone has received signs from Spirit at least once in their Physical lives.

Another reason is due to fear.  Spirits must always be careful to not scare the person. If someone is afraid we will stop sending signs because scaring people is the last thing we want to do. The moment you show fear, Spirit will stop giving you signs. The reason that we do not want to scare you is because when we reach out to humans it is in love.

You must also be open to the fact that people need to receive signs from Spirit. The fact that we are all interconnected both in and out of form means that we need to be assisting one another at all times. This means when we are incarnated and when we are not.

We must begin to understand that the Physical Realm is not all there is. The Earth is not the only planet that has life on it. There is much more in the vast Universe than you can begin to imagine. Everything and anythig is possible.- John