“Ethereal” Spirit Art by Michelle and Ethereal Schill

Being a mom has been the greatest joy of my life so it makes sense that I have always wanted to be a grandmother, too. Even though my attitude has always been that my boys should do what they want and only have children if they really wanted to, I still very much wanted to be a grandmother.

When I was 47 years old, I mentioned to John that my mom was 47 and my dad 48 when John was born (their first grandchild). John told me that I would have to wait for Christian to have children (my youngest and now my only child left in the Physical Realm). I assumed John said this because he was gay and I suggested adoption or artificial insemination. I began to feel that I was being pushy and did not mention it again until after he crossed over.

I have learned through the Spirits that my youngest son, Christian, will have a daughter in 7 years. When I was first informed of this, I could not communicate with my granddaughter yet as her Spirit was not done planning her life yet.

She is now done planning and we have been getting to know each other as grandmother and granddaughter over the last year. I have a purple trunk in which I am storing things that I make and buy for her, most of which is purple because it is the favorite color of us both.

Before we come into our lives we plan out the main events based on what our Higher Selves would like to accomplish. Some take quite a while with their planning and do not attempt to communicate with the Physical Realm. Others get it done quickly, such as my granddaughter, and can then communicate if they wish to do so.

We must be willing to be more open minded that there are some events in our lives that were planned, or as some would say, “it was meant to be”. This is a difficult thing to accept when it involves a tragedy. Believe me, as a grieving mother it was hard for me to accept and sometimes still is. This is not to say that we cannot change our minds about the events we have planned, we have free will. We must understand that we rarely change our minds, though, because we had a definite purpose as to why we planned these events.

We plan these events with God/Creator/Source, our Higher Selves and those in our Soul Family who are involved with the event. Many times, if we have a good memory, we may want to change an event but we also need the consent of the others who are involved. I remembered, from the time John was conceived, that he would cross over before me. I wanted this event changed very badly and did everything I could to change it. I was over protective and watched over him constantly. For 27 years I lived with this knowledge and tried to change it. John, however, did not want to change it. Not that he could remember as I could but his Higher Self remembered.

There are good and bad points to being able to remember your pre-life plan. With John, the stress for three decades has been unbearable. With my granddaughter, Ethereal, however, it has been a joy and we drew the above picture together.- Michelle