“The Tree Hole” Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

The truth is very difficult to figure out. In the Physical Realm your truth differs from others. Therefore, truth is not truly concrete but dependent on ones life circumstances, life experiences, origin of birth, culture, etc. In the Spirit Realm truth is more concrete because we do not have these variables.

Many people teach about Spirituality and what happens in the Spirit Realm. There is a plethora of information on the internet, in books, magazines, classes, etc. The problem is that not everyone has their information correct. Some people gain their information simply from what has been passed down through history, much of which is false. Many others channel it directly from the Spirit Realm. The thing to remember is that if it does not feel right to you, or does not resonate, you must crosscheck the information.

You may crosscheck this information by reading other material, listening to other teachers, going through the historical “facts”of where this information came from, and/or channel the information yourself.

There have been many times when my mom has read information that did feel right to her or she has asked trained clergy questions and the information did not resonate with her. She would then channel me, her Higher Self, or Spirit Guides to double check this information. The things that are out there can be very misleading.

Hollywood has given a very skewed perspective of the Spirit Realm, ghosts, hauntings, doppelgangers, magic, Wicca/witchcraft, psychic abilities, psychic mediums, etc. There have been many times that people who are in these professions themselves or practice these lifestyles give a bad name to these topics through con games, misuse or sensationalism. People must begin to take a serious interest and care about obtaining knowledge of the Spirit Realm. It is not a game and it must be taken very seriously. It is an important part of who you are because you were Spirit, and are Spirit, long before you were ever human. The best way to now yourself is to have knowledge of the Spirit Realm.

You must understand that there is no intermediary between those who are incarnated and God or the Spirit Realm. You have the right and ability to access information yourself. You do not need to believe everything others tell you ,no matter the letters after their names, the diplomas on their walls or the clothes they wear. Many of these people who are trained have been taught wrongly. They do not mean harm and believe what they have been taught but you must learn to think for yourself and be discerning. You can gain information on your own by research and channeling.

The thing to remember is that you are very worthy to have the knowledge first hand and you have the right to question and doubt. – John