Eden's Spirit

We moved to a Tropical Orchard

Where Mangos hang from their trees like jewels adorning her mistress

Where bees fly from nectar to nectar, flower to fruit and back again

Where the days are hot and ripen the fruit

And nights are filled with the sound of Yucatan wiporwills and geckos fill the air

This is a place of peace. This is a place of true sound. This is a place where Creation starts

Today, while looking at the sunset, I realized…..the peace of the setting sun…..

And I thought about how quiet and peaceful it was.

Then I thought of man’s view of God…..

How man is so disturbed and angered when he feels his God is quiet.

If Our Creator was not quiet how could He be Peaceful?

The lack of peace comes from the nonstop race…the lack of stillness and quiet is the Great liar of perfection…

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