Art by Michelle Buchheit-Schill

As John mentioned earlier today, my children send me many signs. Right after John first crossed over, was when this was most prevalent. He was desperate to get my attention and sent the strongest and most clear signs of any Spirit I have come across in this incarnation.

Eleven days after John transitioned I was in the shower. As I was reaching for the shampoo, which happened to be his shampoo and I had never tried it before, I very clearly heard his voice, “mom, only use a little bit of that. It lathers really good.” Since I had not used my abilities in years I was shocked to hear him. I froze in mid-motion and said, “John?” When I used the shampoo, I found that the information I had received was correct.

One evening as I was sitting on the couch in my living room, I glanced into the kitchen. As I did so, a plastic disk, which I had never seen before, went flying across the kitchen at full force as if someone had thrown it with all their might. It hit high up on the wall above my baker’s rack. I went into the kitchen and looked around. I live alone and there was no physical person in my kitchen. I knew it was John because no one else was there and due to the location where the disk landed. Before John crossed over, he carried a large canvas bag with him and when he would walk in the back door the bag would hit my baker’s rack and rattle everything I have on there. He would look at me sheepishly and say, “sorry, mom.”

Inanimate objects would move before my very eyes through out my home. Large bottles filled with glue would go flying off the table, the metal picture frame with John’s photograph would rock back and forth, there would be various noises throughout my home when I was alone, my technology (particularly the internet) would go on the fritz, and the list goes on and on.

There was one evening when I was in my kitchen and I was facing the microwave where I had a dish with a paper towel on the top. I had just been speaking with John when the very tip of the corner of the paper towel began to move very rhythmically in an up and down motion. I asked if  John was doing it and that if the answer were yes for him to move the paper towel. The paper towel moved. I then asked a few more yes or no questions and every time the answer was yes the paper towel corner would move.

Something he did recently really made me angry. I had my vaping mod sitting next to my computer. While I was working on my computer John was trying to get my attention. Since I was busy I ignored him and did not bother to mention that I would be with him later. Suddenly, my vaping mod goes flying across the table and crashing to the floor as if someone had thrown. At first I was afraid it was broken but found it was fine. The mere fact that it was expensive made me angry. I told John, “you could have broken that.” He responded with, “But you were ignoring me.” I requested that he find something unbreakable and less expensive to get my attention with.

Of course, as most Spirits do, John, Tina and Ricky use nature to send me signs too. This does not surprise me coming from John because he always loved nature during this previous life. If I could not find him, I knew he was out in the woods and by the creek.

John mentioned the hummingbird this morning which is probably my favorite nature sign. My second most favorite sign occurred one summer day as I was walking along the circular drive that surrounds the house I live in, a beautiful black butterfly began flying next me. This butterfly stayed with me until I reached my destination of the back porch. I had never noticed these black butterflies in our area before and I had never had a butterfly fly right next to me, especially for such a duration. There have been a couple other times where a black butterfly has accompanied me since then.

When we open our minds and begin to realize that anything is possible, beautiful things begin to happen. – Michelle