My mom and me, always in communication.

Many times there are Spirits trying to reach out to you and you are unaware of it. These Spirits are usually friends and family who want to maintain relationships with their loved ones after crossing over.

Many people do not believe that this is so but it is very true.We very much would like stay in touch with those who we have left behind in the Physical Realm. The problem is that most people either do not believe it is possible or they believe that it is wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We need to understand that we will always exist. We cannot be destroyed no matter the lies we are taught on Earth. We need to understand that death is an illusion and when someone we love crosses over they are still in existence, still love and care about you and want to communicate with you.

If you show fear when a Spirit tries to communicate with you, the Spirit will stop. No Spirit wants to cause fear or harm to those who are in the Physical Realm. That is not the point of our trying to contact you. We do so out of love, not to instill fear.

We must understand that there are ways to be aware of Spirit even if we choose not to communicate outright. Spirit often sends signs to those they love. We do this in many ways and we really appreciate it when you acknowledge the signs that we send.

When we send signs it is because we are trying to tell you that we are near or that we need to say something that may be important. There is nothing wrong with either of these things although there are those who benefit from making others believe that this is wrong.

When you receive signs be sure to thank the Spirit. By doing so, you are expressing your love and appreciation for that Spirit. This will ensure that more signs and/or communications will follow.

The best way to be able to tell if a sign is from Spirit is by using your intuition. If it feels as if the sign is from Spirit, particularly one that you know, then it most probably is. Your intuition is stronger and more reliable than you think. Always trust your intuition. The key is to have an open mind. This Universe is bigger than you can imagine and there is more that is possible than you can fathom. Being open minded helps you to be more aware of Spirit and everything else that is possible in the Universe, including your true power.

Another way to discern whether it is a sign from Spirit is if it is something that would not normally happen. Unusual behavior from an animal out in nature is a sure sign from Spirit. One time my brother, sister and I sent our mom a hummingbird. She knew it was from us because the hummingbird hovered an inch from her nose for an unusually long time. She then began to giggle and thank us. We send her many such signs all the time. Because she appreciates them so much we are happy to do this.

You can be aware of the Spirits around you because you can feel their presence. My mom equates this to people having a certain feeling to their presence. Being an empath, my mom has always been good at being able to tell who has walked into a room without having to see the person. She does the same with Spirits. The best way to be able to tell is to just be still and feel the presence.

You can also be more aware of Spirit through meditation and your dreams. When you are this relaxed, you are more aware of the energy around and it is easier for Spirit to contact you.

Please remember that having a relationship with Spirits is not evil, wrong or bad. They are the same in Spirit as they were in the Physical Realm. The notion is that you are contact with evil Spirits is very ludicrous and is a fable made up to control the masses. Just as fairy tales were created to control and teach children how to “behave”, so were these stories made up to control humanity. Anything that instills fear and control in your life is not from God. – John