Journeys in Spirit

I am a living rebellion. My very existence is a protest. My truth and my life is a provocation, a challenge to these lies that we’re all being fed.

I refuse to allow these deceptions to define me. They cannot, for I denounce them with every breath I take. I mock them with every step I take. I refute them by simply being who I am.

Lies that are subversively slipped into our subconscious minds through the ads that we scroll past on our screens. Lies that, like sugar-coated poison, are sprinkled all around us in our daily lives. Lies photo shopped on magazine covers and lies acted out on our television screens.

Lies by omission, implying that perfection is beauty and beauty is feminine. Lies telling us that beauty is soft and smooth, delicate, graceful, and slightly off-balance. Lies telling us that it’s all about sex appeal, about poise…

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