“The Ohio Cardinal”, Novelty, Ohio, USA. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

This is an issue I think about often. No matter often how I think about it, it still does not make sense to me. It is cruel and unusual punishment for no apparent reason in my eyes.

I love to sit in nature and watch the animals. It is usually at such times that I think about this. The birds and other creatures are happily going about their day, playing, foraging and communing. They are freely living.

We have been told that we are the most intelligent beings on planet Earth. Yet, while I sit in nature, I question this concept. I often wonder if the other animals are laughing at us behind our backs. We are the only animals on this planet who have to work to live.

I have been hospitalized many times for suicide attempts (probably because I think too much about issues such as this). When in the hospital I would many times be told “life is a gift.” On the other hand, I was also told that I needed to go out and “earn a living.” These two statements are very contradictory to me because the word “gift” means receiving something unconditionally with no strings attached to me. I will admit that this could be such an issue for me because I resented being torn away from sons at least five days a week for 9 to 11 hours per day so that someone else could raise them while I work for someone else so that my sons could eat. Yes, I admit, I am still very bitter about this Maybe I would be recovering from this bitterness now if John were still in the Physical Realm.

How can there be enough resources for the animals (as long as we stop destroying the planet) to live, yet not enough resources for the smartest creatures on the planet? Why do the other beings deserve to live freely and we do not?

I believer that there is enough for everyone on this planet. But where are these resources? Who is hoarding them? Why are so many children dying of starvation and lack of clean water? Why are there people who are homeless?

If we co-created everything with Source, why are there borders and boundaries? How can people own land? How can people own property? How can there be “illegal aliens”? How can people own animals?

It is not a gift if you have to earn it or pay for it. – Michelle